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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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May 31, 2016|View as webpage
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Paramedics, firefighters rescue man trapped in car for 3 days
Former ‘face of FDNY’ burns uniform after being fired
Floods in Texas, Kan. leave at least 6 dead, 2 missing
Drunken driver who hit ambulance crew gets 18 months in jail: The man pleaded guilty to a 2015 DUI charge that left two EMTs seriously injured
Revenue below expectations for community paramedic program:Officials are optimistic the program revenue will increase as it educates "frequent flyers"
FDA approves first long-acting implant for opioid dependence treatment: The six-month buprenorphine implant provides a new maintenance treatment option for those in recovery 
FDNY gets new high-tech gear for paramedics, firefighters
911 dispatchers get treadmill walking desk
Ohio bill allowing first responders to treat pets passes
Boy rescued after gorilla is shot at zoo
ACLS instructor raising funds for his own defibrillator
2 cyclists jumped by kangaroo
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Infographic: 9 symptoms and solutions for overexertion in EMTs
By Megan Wells, EMS1 Contributor
Refer to this infographic to identify these serious warning signs.
Know the signs 
Is 'EMS Bingo' a big deal to EMTs and paramedics?
By EMS1 Staff
EMS1 readers sound off on an 'EMS Bingo' card news story.
Drawing the line 
10 tips to succeed on the NREMT exam
By Dan Limmer, EMS1 Columnist
Students can apply these tips on the first day of class and eventually use them as EMS professionals.
Ace the exam 
How many hours make an EMS shift?
By Rave Konig, EMS1 Columnist
Leaders need to set shift length based on call demand, available personnel, equipment supply and time on task.
Stepping up 
Chest pains
A comic for EMS drawing off the real experiences of EMS.
Read the comic 
How an EMS agency made a PSA about the dangers of distracted driving
Transport destination for an unresponsive kickboxer
1,45510 tips to succeed on the NREMT exam
1,361La. signs into law protection of first responders in hate crimes
887Flag act passed for fallen first responders
493Therapy dog makes paramedics smile
384Ambulances, in place of 'caged police car,' to carry people in mental health crisis