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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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June 27, 2016|View as webpage
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Russian paramedics attacked by kickboxers
FDNY EMTs get engaged at NYC Pride parade
Impaired driver plows into crash scene, injures medics
Wis. EMS, fire depts. battle staffing problems: Merging departments and increasing MABAS might be necessary if departments can't raise funds via taxes
2 men presumed dead found alive in W.Va. flooding: More heavy rain, flash floods are expected in the state's forecast
Stakeholders asked to comment on revision to EMS Agenda: NHTSA is seeking responses to a specific set of questions to guide the next 30 years of EMS by June 30
Lightning strike injures medic, EMT
Disability bill would extend coverage for Philly paramedics, EMTs
Pa. woman arrested after cracking EMT's ribs
Medics treat 10 stabbing victims during white nationalist protest
Fire chief: Medic's death changed our roadside response
4-year-old survives Colo. crash that kills family
Rad-57: Quick and Noninvasive Assessment of CO Levels in the Blood
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What do we know about traumatic stress in EMS?
By Elizabeth Donnelly, EMS1 Contributor
There is a significant correlation between operational stress, organizational stress, critical incident stress, alcohol use and post-traumatic stress.
The quick answer 
Reality training: Administering pediatric medication
By Bob Sullivan, EMS1 Columnist
Use this hands-on training exercise to improve equipment familiarity, reinforce medication cross-check processes and increase provider confidence to treat sick kids.
Better pediatric care 
How to really address problem emergency responders
By Linda Willing, EMS1 Contributor
Without knowing the root cause of the behavior problem, fixing it is sheer luck.
The right approach 
7 things you should and should not spend your first paycheck on
By Megan Wells, EMS1 Contributor
A brand-new EMS paycheck may bring on spending temptation, but resist the urge to splurge.
Make a plan 
Who restocked the rig?
A comic for EMS drawing off the real experiences of EMS.
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Supplemental oxygen and fluids for violent, restrained patients
Adenosine Tips and Tricks
614Paramedics, firefighters need more suicide response training
481Ky. governor ceremoniously signs EMS LODD benefits bill
3445 errors that are giving you incorrect blood pressure readings
254Video: Umpire hit with flying bat, sustains ‘gushing’ head wound
240Tenn. fire dept. pilots community paramedicine program
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