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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Microsoft joined the smart mirror fray at its Build conference in March demoing its own Magic Mirror. It has now explained the tricks behind the concept and provided those who don't mind a little DIY work with the tools to build their own​.Read more
Our favorite VR games so far are first-person, room-scale experiences. But of the less physical, seated, gamepad-based titles you can play on, well, pretty much every VR platform today, strategy games tower above the rest. Let's look at five killer VR strategy games worth checking out. Read more
A tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland that has taken 17 years to build officially opens today. The Gotthard Base Tunnel stretches for 57 km (35 mi), making it the longest rail tunnel in the world. It is also the world's deepest rail tunnel. Read more
Double Robotics has launched the latest iteration of its video-equipped robots. The firm now caters for 360-degree video, with a 360 Camera Dolly and an accompanying Universal 360 Camera Mount.​ Read more
Richard Haberkern's new Soundlazer VR directional speakers hang overhead like a light fitting and direct wirelessly streamed audio straight to the target listener, for the promise of a "high fidelity, focused cloud of sound that others can't hear." Read more
A new project is aiming to provide a prosthesis to help women with lower limb amputations to walk in high heels. It’s an effort that could have a huge positive impact on peoples’ lives, from female veterans to the fashion conscious.​ Read more
Getting VR-ready requires a pretty beefy rig, and there's usually an equally-beefy price tag attached. AMD is looking to lower that barrier with the US$199​ Radeon RX 480 graphics card. Read more
As part of its effort to stop drones flying too close to airports, the US government is trialing a defense system that scans the area for unmanned aircraft before using radio beams to stop them in their tracks.​​ Read more
Utah's Mobilight International specializes in mobile light towers for use at mines and other job and event sites. It recently brought that experience over to the recreational camping and overland market with the Base Camp, a tough steel box built for exploration and adventure.Read more
At Computex 2016 in Taiwan this week, Intel announced a new line of high-end CPUs, including a beefy 10-core processor. The Core i7 processor Extreme Edition is designed for gaming in 4K and VR, as well as performance-hungry content creation like editing 4K or 360 videos. Read more
Atari has announced a partnership with Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Sigfox to develop a new set of products for the connected home, with plans to cover everything from your own safety to that of your cats and dogs.​ Read more
Research out of the University of California Riverside has unravelled another secret that helps the mantis shrimp's claw move as fast as a .22 caliber bullet but not suffer any damage.​​ Read more
While kayaks are great for exploring your local waterways, they can be a hassle to carry over long distances. It was with this in mind that Pakayak created the Bluefin 14. It's a modular kayak that comes apart into six pieces, that can then be carried like a backpack.​ Read more
The basic barbecue grill layout tends to be the same: a horizontal grate set over top a heat source. Copenhagen Trade thinks it's time to blow that mold up and replace it with a three dimensional grill box that cooks food from the sides, as well as the top. Read more
​NASA has released a fresh mosaic of Pluto's surface, stitched together from the highest resolution images captured by the spacecraft as it sped past the planetoid on July 14, 2015. Read more
For several years now, we've known that the Moon is not as dry as was assumed for decades, in fact our satellite is harboring a good amount of water. A more detailed picture is emerging of exactly how water was transported to the Moon and trapped on what seems like an outwardly arid rock. ​ Read more
Do you rely on hastily scribbled notation or tab when four- or six-string inspiration hits? Or even just try and remember. Denmark's TC Electronic has come up with the Wiretap Riff Recorder, a new way to capture and catalog your killer riffs that's always at your feet. Read more
Ferrari has shown off the 458 MM Speciale, a special version of the 458 Speciale. The one-off was designed by the Italian marque's in-house Styling Centre. It is built on the chassis and running gear of the 458 Speciale, while having been stylistically and aerodynamically updated for a client.Read more
​Carbon fiber mountain bike frames are typically cast from a mold, which makes having one custom-built rather a tall order. The Robot Bike Company, however, has developed an alternative. Its R160 incorporates carbon fiber tubes joined together by custom-made 3D-printed titanium lugs.​ Read more
Cathay Pacific has taken delivery of its first A350 aircraft in Hong Kong and there are a number of features in the cabin that will make for a comfortable passenger flying experience. Among them are supportive headrests, space for mobile devices and internet access. Read more
Hyundai has successfully tested a newly-designed turbocharged engine, which is to be installed in the first of its N performance models. The engine was installed in the Hyundai i30 2.0 Turbo development vehicle, which was running in the Nürburgring 24h Race. Read more
The world around you is an untapped goldmine of imagination, and the Touch Board wants to usher you into that world. Using the Electric Paint and an easy-to-use ArduinoHeart microcontroller, you can turn almost any material or surface into a sensor to create music, tell stories, build alarms, and much more. This is the one stop imaginarium for inventing anything you dream up. Read more