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Friday, June 24, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Gizmodo Movie Night: 15 Of The Best Crimes And Capers Streaming Right Now 

It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week, it’s all about crime — high stakes, ridiculous odds and absurd plans.

The Most Cringeworthy Liquid Nitrogen Destruction Video You'll Ever See 

We’ve seen everything from jelly to raw eggs get completely destroyed after being frozen with liquid nitrogen. But nothing comes close to being as cringeworthy to watch as Brent Rose taking a baseball bat to a 38cm silicone dildo turned into a frozen rock. Despite some interesting science at work here, some of you might want to look away.

A Motion-Detecting Camp Lantern Promises To Keep Blair Witches At Bay 

If you’ve got years of camping experience under your belt, you’re probably able to just tune out those things that go bump in the night. But if you only head out into the great outdoors once a year for a weekend camping trip, you’ll appreciate the CampGuard lantern which will stand guard and automatically sound an alarm to scare off forest intruders.

What Happens When A Stuggling Novelist Is Hailed As A Literal Prophet 

Video: Khyan Mansley’s “The Ministry” is a short film all about the saddest sack of a writer, Henry, who has only ever published one novel. Once he discovers a cult that reveres his work as the coded words of god, things get a little weird.

Should Cops Be Allowed To Call 911 From A Locked Phone To Track Someone Down?   

Here’s a conundrum recently faced by police in the US: A kidnapper forgets his phone at the scene of a crime. Police find it, use it to call 911 and gather information to track him down. Now his lawyer argues that all evidence should be tossed because calling 911 from an abandoned phone is illegal.

Satellite Photos Show Christo's Floating Walkway As It's Being Built 

This past weekend, Bulgarian-American artist Christo unveiled his latest piece — a 3km floating walkway across an Italian lake. New satellite photos show how this ambitious work of art was put together.

Design Firm Suggests Turning Penn Station Into Roller Coaster 

Many New Yorkers have schlepped to Penn Station to take a train out. We’ve sat in the waiting room, bored, and said to ourselves, I know what would improve my experience better. If only I could go on a 1,200 foot amusement-park ride before my train arrived.

This Penicillin Is Medicinal, Too, But The Boozy Kind 

I was in a quandary the other day when serving drinks on a cold evening. Every cocktail I considered was fruity and frivolous — not appropriate for dinner guests huddling in depressing post-time-change darkness. Then I remembered: Liquid antibiotics.

Watch A Terrifyingly Fast 185km/h Drone Race A Sports Car 

Drone racing is exciting in its own right, but for spectators the sport still can’t quite match the horsepower and top speeds of auto racing — or can it? Nissan’s GT-R drone, designed and built by Tornado XBlades Racing, can hit a top speed of 185km per hour. It can accelerate from zero to 96km in under 1.3 seconds.

Hundreds Of Genes Spring Back To Life In The Days After Death 

We assume that all biological processes come to an end when we die, but new research shows that many genes remain active for up to four days following clinical death. These zombie genes can’t bring a person back to life, but this discovery has serious implications for forensics and organ donor recipients.

Building A Windows 98 Gaming PC In 2016 Is A Pain In The Arse 

Video: 1998 was such a good year for PC gaming. Half-LifeGrim FandangoBaldur’s Gate, Star CraftRogue Squadron and many, many more. Dang. Those looking to relive the glory days could easily run most of these games through a virtual machine, but YouTuber nine took it a step (or several) further and built a period-accurate 1998 gaming rig.