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Thursday, June 30, 2016

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June 29, 2016|View as webpage
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Ala. EMT killed in domestic dispute
Rescue squad donates ambulance to flood-stricken W.Va. county
Suicide attackers kill over 40, injure scores at Istanbul airport
Medic describes chaotic scene after getting hit by impaired driver: The medic was left with 12 stitches, a broken toe and shattered teeth
Ky. EMT sues officer for pulling over ambulance during patient transport:The service claims the officer pulled them over for no apparent reason, other than to intimidate and threaten
DOJ to repay fire depts., police $500K for San Bernardino terror attack response: The grant will be used to reimburse state and local agencies for overtime and regular salary costs related to the response
La. man attempts to steal ambulance, arrested
Authorities: 3 train workers in Texas wreck presumed dead
Alaska rafting deaths highlight response challenges
Powerball winner builds new Mo. fire station
FDA wants more data on long-term safety of hand sanitizers
Tim Tebow leads prayer as flight attendants perform CPR
Online Video-based Pediatric Training from EMS1 Academy
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BLACK-FIRE* Exam Gloves Designed for First Responders
Halyard Health launches innovative exam gloves that offer the unique ability to detect rips and tears by revealing a high-visibility orange inner layer through the breach.
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10 obsolete EMT skills
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
Each of these 10 skills is something we used to commonly do, but are rarely, if ever, used any longer.
What are MAST pants? 
Private equity struggles to make EMS profitable – Is anyone surprised?
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
Here are four takeaways from The New York Times investigation into failed private equity investments and mismanagement of EMS businesses.
A concerning trend 
12-Lead ECG case: When is a heartbeat not a mechanical heartbeat?
By EMS1 Staff
Learn to distinguish and verify electrical and mechanical capture when using a transcutaneous pacemaker on a patient with symptomatic bradycardia.
Don't be fooled 
How to measure EMS agency grant seeking success
By Diane H. Leonard, GPC, EMS1 Contributor
Use a combination of the measurement tools and concepts to measure and assess grant seeking success for your fire department or EMS agency.
Important questions 
How to monitor violent, restrained patients
Steve Whitehead describes the importance of capnography to monitor violent patients who have been restrained.
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How to use MIST for EMS radio reports
Bi-phasic anaphylactic reaction to fish
1,73415 habits paramedics can’t shake
1,353Powerball winner builds new Mo. fire station
400Ky. EMT sues officer for pulling over ambulance during patient transport
394Police: Ala. EMT killed in domestic dispute
212The top 10 'Ambulance Driver’s Perspective' top 10 lists
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