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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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India: 13 FFs die at army depot fire
Fire erupts during Memorial Day banquet at American Legion
FDNY swears in 2 toddlers fighting cancer
Firefighter overtime cheaper than more hires, city says: The fire union says the model compromises safety
FF, medics targeted in fraudulent tax-refund scheme: Over 7,000 of the tax preparer’s clients face paying back millions they received in tax returns
Former ‘face of FDNY’ burns uniform after being fired: Syndie Molina claims the department wrongly stripped her of her salary and benefits
La. fire chief loses home in fire
Firefighter rescued by helicopter from Texas flood
Firefighter accused of raping girl, 8
3 Pa. FFs hurt in pumper mishap
Firefighters rescue man trapped in car for 3 days
Research: firefighter boots may cause injury
Rugged Technology with Integrated Software for Firefighters
ToughBooks and ToughPads provide durable solutions and software integration designed for firefighters, such as CAD for public response agencies. Learn more about ToughBook models CF-19, CF-31, and CF-53.
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Get the Right Information at the Right Time to the Right People
The Fire Priority Dispatch system combines the power of the National Academy Protocols with today's critical computer technologies.
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1 firefighter's story: Bullying drove me to the brink of suicide
By Sarah Mielke, FR1 Contributor
Coworkers bullied and tormented a young paramedic during a difficult period of her life.
Speaking out 
How to buy portable dump tanks for water-shuttle operations
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Here's a look at seven tank options and which applications they best fit.
Make the right choice 
Learn How to Tie a Wrap 2, Pull 1 Anchor 
CMC Rescue School knows sometimes you don't have a long enough piece of web.
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High-pressure gas line fires
Chief Wylie discusses the dangers of this type of fire and six key points for keeping safe.
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South African FFs arrive in Canada
3 FFs dive from window to escape fire
2,98120 signs that you're a firefighter
1,417Firefighter killed in three-car crash
1,086RI fire chairman: Remove American flags from fire trucks
746Firefighters replace WWII vet's stolen American flag, pole
489First female chief takes office in Miami