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Saturday, June 25, 2016

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Brexit: fresh calls for Catalan vote on secession from Spain
Separatists in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia have for years lobbied for an independence referendum. Photo: AFP
Could Brexit lead to the fracturing of Spain? 
Gibraltar stands defiant against Spain after Brexit vote
Gibraltar's First Minister said there would be no negotiating with Spain. Photo: AFP
Gibraltar's Chief Minister made very clear that the British Overseas Territory would not bow to pressure from Spain after Brexit. 4 comments
    Anxiety over Brexit damage to UK-Spain bilateral trade
    The Local canvassed the views of British businesses in Spain to see what they thought about Brexit. 3 comments
      View from the Costa: British expats fear time in sun is over
      British people enjoy a drink on a terrace in Ohriuela. Photo: AFP
      After Brexit, many British expats feared on Friday their golden time in the sun could be over... 
        Black Friday: Spanish markets plummet with news of  Brexit
        The IBEX has fallen 12 percent since Brexit result. Photo: AFP
        Spain’s IBEX suffered the worst fall in its history on Friday after the UK voted to leave the European Union. 
        Rajoy: British expats will have same rights in Spain...for now
        Rajoy urges Brits to keep calm and carry on. Photo: AFP
        Spain's premier on Friday sought to reassure Britons living in Spain after the Brexit vote, saying that for now, they would keep the same rights to live and work there. 2 comments
          Will Brexit affect Sunday's general election in Spain?
          Spain goes to the polls again on Sunday. Photo: AFP
          Spain's conservative interim Prime Minister looks set to benefit as his countrymen fear economic repercussions from the UK's decision to leave the EU.  
            Why we are part of the Brexit problem - and what to do
            Photo: AFP
            It’s been a long night, and for those of us Brits who have made our lives elsewhere in Europe, it will be a long road ahead writes The Local's managing editor James Savage.  3 comments
              Brexit limbo: What happens next for expat Brits in Spain?
              Is a storm brewing for British expats? Photo: AFP
              So what happens now for Brits in Spain? Nothing too dramatic, but a lot of uncertainty amid legal limbo. 
                Brexit: Spain calls for shared sovereignty over Gibraltar
                Photo: AFP
                Spain has proposed sharing sovereignty over The Rock after the UK made the decision to leave the EU. 
                  Top 10 Spanish treats to keep you cool in summer
                  Spain has some delicious cooling treats to enjoy this summer. Photo: ClubMedUK/Flickr
                  As Spain starts to swelter The Local brings you our list of the best Spanish treats to cool you down as the mercury rises.  
                  The Local list
                  Ten facts you probably didn't know about Spanish wine
                  Spain is the biggest exporter of wine in the world. Photo: LexnGer/Flickr
                  It was the Romans' favourite drink, a muse to Picasso and fell victim to the fascist regime of dicator Francisco Franco. 3 comments
                  The Local list
                  Five brilliant ways to beat the crowds in Barcelona
                  Escape the crowds of tourists for some more relaxed locations in the city. Photo: Quique Garcia / AFP
                  As the summer tourists begin the swarm over the city, discover some of Barcelona's more hidden gems... 
                  Why this bionic limb pioneer doesn't believe in disability
                  Hugh Herr has been award Spain's top science prize. Photo: FPA
                  The Local speaks to Hugh Herr on winning Spain's top science prize and how being an amputee doesn't make him disabled. 
                  Ten top tips to avoid being pickpocketed in Spain
                  Barcelona is the world's pickpocketing capital. Photo: AFP
                  Don't let pickpockets ruin your day. Here is a run down of the most common scams used in Spain to help you avoid becoming a victim. 2 comments
                  More news
                  Spanish politicans united in their reaction to Brexit
                  Photo: AFP
                  Just two days before the vote on Sunday, the Brexit result served to achieve the impossible, it united Spanish politicans from across the political spectrum, at least in decrying the UK choosing to leave the European Union. 
                  Worried after Brexit? Here’s how to become Spanish
                  Photo: Patrick Dobeson/Flickr 
                  Now the UK has voted to leave the EU many Britons living in Spain will no doubt explore the possibility of becoming a Spanish citizen. Here’s some guidance. 2 comments
                  Brit expats in Spain stunned and fearful after Brexit win
                  The UK voted to leave the EU in a referendum yesterday, immediately sending the value of sterling plummeting and leaving British expats in Spain stunned and concerned about their future. 9 comments
                  The Local List
                  Ten Spanish 'false friends' you need to watch out for
                  This woman has been embarrassed for months. Photo: Flequi
                  Spanish is full of false friends and can sometimes be a linguistic minefield. The Local takes a look at some of the worst (and most amusing) offenders.  
                  EU Referendum
                  'The British are quite peculiar but I want them with us'
                  Photo: AFP
                  A Spanish man who lived many years in the UK mulls over Brexit. 5 comments
                  From our other editions
                  Llama goes for a swim after escaping pen
                  FF Prebuch
                  A llama ended up in the middle of a swimming lake after escaping from its enclosure in Styria. 
                  Anger as Swiss council plans non-pork school lunches
                  Pork sausages are as much a part of Swiss cuisine as fondue and chocolate. File photo: Kochtopf
                  Local right-wing politicians say the council is caving to "religious minorities". 
                  Police free hostages, kill gunman at cinema attack
                  Police in Viernheim. Photo: DPA.
                  Special forces have shot a man dead who stormed a cinema in western Germany, authorities have confirmed. Security officials say terror an unlikely motive. 
                  Copenhagen police tear down Christiania cannabis market
                  In a massive action, police cleared out Pusher Street on Friday. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Scanpix
                  Copenhagen Police on Friday carried out a large-scale operation in Christiania, clearing the alternative enclave's open-air cannabis market. 
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