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Thursday, June 30, 2016


When most people think of helium, they think of party balloons and funny voices, but the gas has far more important applications in medicine and electronics. Unfortunately, the world has been in the grips of a global shortage. Now, a research team has discovered a massive reserve in East Africa.Read more
We recently spent a week with the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze in its Premier trim level. We loved the car when we spent a day with it in Nashville earlier in the year and found the extra time didn't tarnish our original impressions of it. Read more
During the last year, Huawei has established itself as a company capable of making premium, smartly-designed devices that are an absolute pleasure to use. What happens when the Chinese company applies that formula to a Surface rival?Read more
LG Innotek has developed a new pressure sensor that's flexible, durable, and able to withstand extreme temperatures. The company sees the tech finding its way into smart sports gear, being used in injury rehabilitation and even for automatically adjusting car seats.Read more
The winners of the 15th annual CTBUH Tall Building Awards have been announced. Showcasing the best new skyscrapers from around the globe, this year's picks include the world's second-tallest skyscraper and a remarkable pyramid-like tower in NYC.Read more
Scientists have developed a squishy motor that powers a soft rover across rocky paths and even underwater. They say such a vehicle could find applications in search and rescue missions and even deep space exploration.Read more
It's been about seven years since the launch of the Porsche Panamera, and the time has officially come for an all-new model. The second-gen Porsche Panamera made its official world debut in Berlin on Tuesday, with Porsche redesigning its sporty four-door from the ground up.Read more
​Breeding plants can be as tedious as – well, watching grass grow. But the age-old method of examining thousands of plants by hand could soon be replaced by the Phenocart, a device that automatically reads the vital signs of plants and uses a software package and GPS to organize the collected data.Read more
​​Toyota has a range of reliable cars, but it's a range lacking sparkle. The GT86 caters for drivers, but most mainstream Toyotas are blander than a washing machine. The C-HR could see that change, with an edgy exterior and interior design drawing heavily on the run of concepts preceding it. ​Read more
German researchers have developed a complex lens system no bigger than a grain of salt that fits inside a syringe. The imaging tool could make for not just more productive medical imaging, but tiny cameras for everything from drones to slimmer smartphones.Read more
Hot on the heels of its flagship QC35 wireless headphones, Bose has launched a Bluetooth product for a much younger audience. Aimed at children eight and up, the Speaker Cube is a compact speaker designed to give curious kids a better understanding of how modern audio technology works.Read more
NASA’s Journey to Mars mission got a step closer with the successful ground test of the launch booster on the Space Launch System (SLS), the world’s most powerful rocket. It’s the second and final ground test on the booster before a crewless test flight in late 2018 with the Orion spacecraft.Read more
​​It's been known for some time that dogs can detect hypoglycaemia in the breath of type 1 diabetics. Now, scientists believe that they may have figured out just what it is that those dogs are smelling. The discovery could potentially lead to a replacement for uncomfortable finger-prick tests.​Read more
A new teaching tool adds an innovative twist to the traditional chemistry model kit. Happy Atoms combines augmented reality with a physical product to educate students about the wonderful world of molecules​.Read more
The new Can-Am Spyder F3-S has what the company is calling a Sports mode feature that allows riders to drift, and is meant to turn riding through twisties into a more exciting experience.​Read more
​Imagine a pill-dispensing, health-focused version of Amazon Echo, and you'll get an idea of what Pillo is designed to be. Utilizing facial and voice recognition software, the internet-connected device can reportedly recognize multiple family members on sight.Read more
​Scientists at the University of Birmingham have come up with a multi-function laptop antenna that’s able to squeeze inside a hinge. The tech packs Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G LTE into a single unit, and could allow for notebooks with better connectivity.​Read more
​​A new study led by researchers from MIT may have identified the starting material from which the planet Mercury was created.Read more
The sixth edition of the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) recently promoted electric mobility across three European countries, leading up to a symbolic demonstration at the UN headquarters. Gizmag took part aboard an e-scooter, among a strictly electric fleet of trucks, vans, cars and bikes.Read more
A researcher at the University of Texas San Antonio has found a way to use a technique known as photodynamic therapy to alter the pH of tumors so that they commit suicide without harming the rest of the body.Read more
A new model attempts to explain the higher violent crime rates seen in parts of the world near the equator with hotter climates.Read more
Gamers will no doubt be familiar with the concussion rifle used by the aliens in the Halo games. Well, as has been the case with some other guns from games, cyberpunk weapons tinkerer Patrick Priebe recently made a real-life functioning replica of it.​Read more
The world is a pretty cool, visually stimulating place, but it’s a whole lot cooler and more visually stimulating when you slip on the VR Box Headset. Just put your smartphone into the 3D glasses, and experience a massive, 3D world beyond the room you’re in. This headset won’t fatigue your eyes like other headsets do, giving you an optimal virtual reality experience.Read more