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Thursday, June 30, 2016


Scientists are reporting that exposure to certain compounds in marijuana can cleanse the brain of harmful amyloid beta cells that give rise to Alzheimer's disease, offering up new clues as to how we might stop the disease in its early stages.Read more
The Platypus above/below water exploration craft is expected to go into production later this year. We popped down to the south coast of France a few days ago to talk new design and production plans. And to ride on, and under, the surprisingly chilly waters of the Mediterranean.Read more
Anticipating unannounced products is something of an art form, combining equal parts pattern analysis, rumor mill watching and some old-fashioned logic and imagination. Let's look at the gear we're most psyched about seeing in the second half of 2016.Read more
In preparation for the Juno spacecraft's imminent arrival at Jupiter, astronomers have been training their telescopes on the planet – and Hubble just caught a beautiful electric-blue light show at the planet's north pole.​Read more
The da Vinci miniMaker is an education-focused 3D printer that's aimed at encouraging the next generation of designers and engineers to get to grips with additive manufacturing. XYZ Printing has married beginner-friendly features with a bright, colorful and fun design.Read more
​​Scientists may have discovered an ideal site for a new salt mining operation, but extracting the abundant resource would require a little travel, as it's located on Ceres, the largest body in the asteroid belt.Read more
Few models of car are as iconic as the Shelby Cobra and its story can be traced all the way back to one single vehicle: the CSX 2000. The prototype was built by Carroll Shelby himself in 1962 and is credited as sparking a revolution in sportscar design. It is now set to go auction.Read more
The new Tepui White Lightning roof-top tent offers the most comprehensive feature set we've seen on a roof-top tent, including integrated roof rails, the ability to double as a roof-top cargo box and a low-profile design that shouldn't take away too many mpgs on your campground commute.​Read more
When it created the GT86, Toyota hoped it would act as a spiritual successor to the AE86 Corolla GT. This connection to a legendary past has now been made even stronger by a team within Toyota UK, which has channeled the AE86 from Japanese manga series Initial D to create a monochrome GT86 concept.Read more
Materials are being developed which can heal themselves, spring back into their original shape, or change transparency. But while most of these have only one function, researchers have created a material that can change shape when exposed to heat or light, and assemble/disassemble itself.Read more
Russian physicists have put a computer running a consumer-level Nvidia GPU to work on equations that are normally performed using a powerful supercomputer, and found that the home PC solved them in 15 minutes – far faster than the supercomputer’s time of two or three days.Read more
Researchers have developed a process that uses pig manure as a low-cost replacement for petroleum in the production of road asphalt. In searching for bio alternatives, the group discovered that swine waste is especially rich in oils very similar to petroleum suited for asphalt production.Read more
Researchers have developed a solar-powered oxygen concentrator to treat severe pneumonia and put it to use in hospitals in Uganda, where it is already supplying those desperately in need with round-the-clock care. ​​Read more
Having introduced airbumps on its quirky C4 Cactus, Citroen is rolling them out on some of its more mainstream models. The new endlessly-customizable C3 draws heavily on its bigger brother’s design, right down to the stretch of plastic panels on either side of the vehicle.Read more
Throughout the 20th century, visions of the future imagined smart homes that could listen and respond to all our requests using voice. Amazon's Alexa is making that one-time futuristic vision of the voice-controlled smart home a reality.Read more
​For years, scientists have been experimenting with biobots, insects fitted with various electronic systems. Now, engineers will tap into the highly-tuned olfactory system of locusts, using them like tiny cyborg sniffer dogs to detect the smell of chemicals used in explosives.Read more
The Bruder EXP-6 is all man-vs-nature business outside but elegant comfort inside, offering you the ability to set up camp and live like a veritable king in the most foreboding parts of the planet.Read more
As the number of devices connected to our home, work and school wireless networks continues to grow, the Wi-Fi Alliance has ushered in the latest upgrade to 802.11ac, which brings with it better multitasking, double the channel bandwidth and extended support for 5 GHz connections.Read more
​​Although the classic tape measure continues to be a very useful tool, there are times where that curled metal tape just isn't right for the task at hand. Well, that's why Bagel was developed. It's a "smart" tape measure that offers three methods of measuring, along with built-in data storage.​Read more
​Is that a real Rolex, or a fake? Thanks to research currently being carried out at Switzerland's Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) research institute, an ultraviolet lamp may soon be all that you need to tell the difference between luxury watches and knock-offs.Read more
​​The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a maelstrom of star creation taking place in a nearby “tadpole” galaxy known as Kiso 5639.Read more
​We first saw the Roccat Sova back at E3 2014. It was only a concept at that stage, but now the device is nearly ready for action, providing gamers with what the company promises to be a true bridging of PC gaming and the living room.Read more
When heavy fog or clouds roll in, navigating can become a dangerous proposition for a helicopter pilot. A new augmented reality vision system out of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) though, could help them see clearly through difficult weather using more than just their eyes.Read more
George Lucas has had a sorry old time trying to get the Lucas Museum built. Unveiled in 2014, it required a redesign to satisfy concerns over the loss of public land. At this point the project seemed to be on track, however it now transpires that the museum won't be built in Chicago after all.Read more
Web security is more of a hot-button issue than ever, and the best way to ensure you’re safe while browsing the internet is with this high-speed VPN. With VPN Forever, your internet traffic is never monitored and you avoid access restrictions and geographic blockers that can hinder your online experience. Abroad and can’t enjoy your favorite sites or shows? Just boot up VPN Forever and you’re good to go.Read more