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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


New software has been developed that incorporates all the complexities of the equations of Einstein's general theory of relativity to help produce models of the cosmos far more complex and detailed than ever before constructedRead more
Zero Latency ticks all the VR boxes, but the game goes far beyond anything you’ve ever tried: That's thanks to the concept of “free-roam virtual reality," which takes the HTC Vive’s characteristic room-scale VR and cranks it up to fill a warehouse.Read more
Earlier this year we reviewed a pair of smart earbuds that give you control over your audio experience of the world. One thing Here Active Listening​ lacked, though, was an obvious and immediate selling point for mass consumers. Doppler Labs is hoping to change that with the new Here One.Read more
Japanese researchers have developed a device that can switch between insulating/non-magnet and metallic/magnet states simultaneously by electrochemical reaction at room temperature, with one potential application​ in flash storage that could double capacity.Read more
Almost every object you encounter has been designed to work with the human hand, so it's no wonder so much research is conducted into hand tracking for computer interfaces. Now Microsoft has outlined its projects that deal with hand tracking, haptic feedback and gesture input.Read more
One company has taken a more scientific approach towards delivering the kind of sonic experience so many individuals spend endless hours seeking. Even's earphones are designed to analyze, adjust, and adapt audio to ears by using a built-in audiogram.Read more
A half-buried house with a mirrored facade and another that draws design cues from Napoleonic and WWII-era fortresses are among the 20 finalists for this year House of the Year competition. The competition shines a light on the best of British residential architecture.Read more
​With an increasingly digital future, kids are being taught programming skills at younger ages. Now, Google Research is aiming to accelerate the development of the field by announcing Project Bloks, an open-source hardware platform for developers to create “tangible programming” tools for kids.Read more
Anki's latest product takes advantage of AI, but there's nothing scary about it. Cozmo is a cute little robot capable of recognizing and engaging with humans, thanks to a combination of robotics, artificial intelligence and computer vision. ​Read more
The Hubble Space Telescope looks set to continue peering around the cosmos for a while yet, with NASA extending its science operations contract through to the year 2021. Read more
Whales inhabiting the waters off of New York and New Jersey can now be heard in real-time thanks to an acoustic monitoring buoy created by a consortium of marine scientists. The device allows the group to track, study and protect several species of endangered baleen whales.Read more
When it revealed the 570S GT4 race car earlier this year, McLaren mentioned that a 570S Sprint track car would be forthcoming. Unrestricted by the rules of race or road, the newly revealed 570S Sprint offers a tuned ride that's hungry for the nearest track. Read more
Like any tourist, Juno is sending back snaps of its journey. The unmanned spacecraft was 6.8 million mi (10.9 million km) from Jupiter when it captured an image of the banded giant planet and its four largest moons, Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.Read more
Google Earth has offered a highly useful window into many corners of the globe, and now it is bring our humble little home into even sharper focus. The company has just introduced an updated version that taps sharp imagery from Landsat 8 satellites to give the planet an impressive makeover.​​Read more
From the Nürburgring, to Brooklands, and on to Goodwood, the Mercedes-AMG GT R debuts as a fully optimized weapon for tracks around the world. Mercedes promises that the 577-hp (430-kW) car is packed with more motorsport-inspired tech than any other production car in its history.Read more
The Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion helicopter has flexed its muscles, lifting a 27,000-lb (12,245-kg) payload at Sikorsky's Development Flight Test Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Read more
​​When it comes to hazardous fluids, the less that researchers have to finely manipulate them, the better. It was with this in mind that scientists recently developed a new material that does something special when exposed to liquid – it rolls itself into a straw-like tube.​Read more
To help map Jupiter before the arrival of the Juno spacecraft, the ESO has used an instrument on its Very Large Telescope to create a stunning image of the solar system's largest planet. To bring the image to life, the space agency relied on a technique known as "lucky imaging."​Read more
​​An international team of astronomers is planning to use gravitational wave data to unravel the formation processes that created the first supermassive black holes.Read more
​Degeneration of cartilage in joints can be seriously painful, and it can be extremely difficult to repair. A new research effort could improve the situation, with scientists designing a new method for making artificial cartilage implants that leverages 3D printing technology.Read more
Just over a week after its LM GTE Pro category win at Le Mans 2016, Ford is taking a trip back in time to an even bigger win. The all-new 2017 Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition pays homage to Ford's historic 1966 Le Mans victory.Read more
Since releasing its first smartphone in 2011, Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi has branched out into a range of consumer electronic devices, including drones, smart TVs and fitness bands. Now, joining its personal mobility offerings is a new foldable eBike called the Mi Qicycle.Read more
Rhys Millen won Pikes Peak last year, but didn't meet all his goals. Millen wanted to complete a run in under 9 minutes, but the best his electric eO could manage was 9:07.222. This year he broke that barrier, but was beaten to outright honors by Romain Dumas in a petrol-powered Norma. ​​Read more
With G Cloud, it only takes one tap to restore all of your phone’s data in the case that it’s lost or stolen. Use the intuitive Apple and Android apps to select what you wish to protect, and G Cloud will store all your files on the secure and reliable Amazon AWS Cloud. With one account to back up all your devices, your data will be safe across the board.Read more