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Saturday, June 25, 2016

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18 dead in W.Va. floods, focus on search and rescue
Truck collides with ambulance, 2 firefighters injured
Neb. FF-EMT awaits double lung transplant
Paramedics barred from saving Orlando shooting victims over safety concerns: The fire dept. sent more than 80 personnel and 34 vehicles, but they were forced to remain outside
Off-duty NY paramedic saves unconscious man on highway: The medic performed CPR and applied a defibrillator to restore the manĂ¢€™s pulse
Dozens treated for burns during coal walk at motivational speaker's event:Officials said someone erroneously called 911 reporting hundreds of people needed medical attention for severe burns
Mich. police: Ambulance 'disintegrated'
South Pole rescue plane arrives in Chile
Tenn. fire dept. implements pilot community paramedicine program
Ky. governor ceremoniously signs EMS LODD benefits bill
Problems reported with Hawaii 911 emergency calls statewide
Video: Umpire hit with flying bat, sustains 'gushing head' wound
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Paramedics, firefighters need more suicide response training
By Rick Markley, FR1 Editor-in-Chief
A recent story shows the importance of understanding how to handle patients threatening suicide and that we've got a lot of opportunity to improve training and response.
Saving lives 
Tips to prevent, manage EMS scene disagreements
By Patrick Lickiss, EMS1 Columnist
You were asked to assess and treat a 22-year-old woman with an obvious leg fracture and there was a disagreement about how to proceed, did you make the right call?
Answering the call 
Suicide is killing our paramedics: What's to blame and how to stop it
By Megan Wells, EMS1 Contributor
EMS leaders and field personnel need to intensify the conversation about this very serious issue.
Taking care of our own 
Use social media to make every week EMS Week
By Dave Konig, EMS1 Columnist
We can recognize our responders and celebrate their victories every day using the tools of social media.
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Top news of the week
Our co-hosts discuss new legislation benefiting EMS personnel, an intense ambulance crash and how a good Samaritan was charged $140 for doing a good deed.
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Remember 2 Things: How to obtain an accurate glucometer reading
Why it's difficult for EMS leaders to delegate
839Off-duty NY paramedic saves unconscious man on highway
592Paramedics were barred from saving Orlando shooting victims over safety concerns
224Volunteer at Red Cross goes into cardiac arrest, CPR teachers revive him
185Neb. firefighter-EMT awaits double lung transplant
148South Pole rescue plane arrives in Chile
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