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Friday, May 13, 2016

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May 13, 2016
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Gallery III: Rescue Squads from Our Reader
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Virginia Helmet Cam: First Due at Falmouth Fire
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ATF Claim Raises New Questions for West, Texas
Claim of criminal act stirs emotions from 2013 explosion Read More ›
Thousands Evacuated Away from Tire Dump Fire in Spain
Firefighters in Germany Battle Blaze in Large Berlin Shopping Center
New Limits on ‘Scoop and Run’ after Philadelphia Amtrak Crash
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Managing Stress
Strategies to prevent stress from becoming overpowering

Does this Plywood Make Me Look Vacant?
The need for a smart, aggressive fire attack and search in “vacant” buildings

Smoke Eater
Today if we label someone as a smoke eater, it is almost an indictment of their behavior
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Laddering: Engine SupportFire Service Traditions
Common-Sense Approach

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