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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


​​With the capacity to stem severe bleeding within around 20 seconds, the XStat syringe could be a game-changer in medical care. It has just proved its worth in the most testing of environments, with surgeons successfully using the device to plug a soldier's gunshot wound for the first time. ​ Read more
Visitors to a Pizza Hut in Asia will soon be able to place an order, ask about nutritional info and pay for their meal without even speaking to a member of staff, or at least a human one. A robot that can interact with customers, like a glorified self-checkout, is to be piloted at the restaurant.​ Read more
Looking to further boost to its surveillance capabilities, the US military has begun testing a tethered drone system that hovers in the air and streams continuous aerial views to troops on the ground. ​​ Read more
Samsung and SK Telecom are working together to build a commercial Internet of Things (IoT) network across South Korea. The network will serve as infrastructure for various public services and businesses, allowing devices to gather, share and make use of data like weather and traffic conditions. Read more
Scientists have designed a graphene-based transistor that works with ultra-low power consumption and which could ultimately be used to increase the clock speed of processors up to a staggering 100 GHz. Read more
Anyone who has tried to clear ivy from the side of their house will know the British climber is almost impossible to unstick. A team at Ohio State University has studied the tiny particles giving ivy its vice-like grip, with a view to creating better medical and industrial adhesives.Read more
The iBOT, stair-climbing wheelchair was a life-changing mobility device when it was first introduced, but lackluster sales meant it was discontinued in 2009. Now Toyota has gotten involved to gear the iBOT up for action once again. Read more
Among the rare classics that traditionally populate the motorcycle class of the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, this year BMW unveiled a one-off supercharged custom called R5 Hommage as a tribute to the original production model that set the sportbike standards some 80 years ago. Read more
Solar Impulse 2 is temporarily grounded in Dayton, Ohio after a minor accident involving the minor collapse of its inflatable hangar that resulted in the craft being lightly touched by the hangar fabric. The airplane will now spend several days on the ground as engineers search for damage. Read more
Team O6 by Fingertips Lab has created a wearable solution that offers a way to operate devices without the need to look at or reach for screens. The O6 controller is designed to use touch, voice, and gesture input to control apps and listen/respond to messages completely eyes-free. Read more
A crowdfunding project is trying to add positional tracking to Google's mobile VR, but history tells us that this won't catch on until developers take it to heart – and that won't happen until the bigger players jump on board with positional tracking hardware. Read more
According to a new NASA study, powerful solar storms could have been instrumental in warming ancient Earth, and preparing the planet for the development of complex life. Read more
While it’s well-known that regular exercise can help you avoid getting cancer in the first place, researchers now believe that it could also be useful in actually combating the disease. An upcoming study aims to provide a more concrete answer to the question. Read more
Pebble has returned to Kickstarter for the third time as it launches the Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core wearables. That's an upgrade for both of Pebble's main smartwatches, plus a brand new fitness focused wearable.Read more
Yesterday, the Solar Impulse team announced that the solar-powered aircraft could be grounded for several days after an incident with its custom inflatable hangar. However, no damage was found and Solar Impulse 2 left Dayton at 4.02 am local time today on its way to Pennsylvania. Read more
Researchers at the Florida Institute of Technology have captured some stunning images of lightning at 7,000 frames per second while testing a new high-speed camera.​ Read more
​Although we've seen bike headlights, tail lights, turn indicators and brake lights before, the Blinkers system from Zurich-based Velohub ​wraps them all up in a particularly slick package. It also throws in laser lane markers, and wireless remote control.​ Read more
We’ve all dreamt of owning our own 3D printer. Whether your dreams spur from work or play, M3D has finally made it all possible. This affordable, high quality printer is the result 12,000 backers on Kickstarter, and is meticulously designed to make the process easy. Read on to view the impressive list of features. Read more