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Thursday, May 26, 2016

EMS 1 Update

May 25, 2016|View as webpage
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Grade school student made an honorary paramedic
Miss Tenn. discusses her life’s work, passion as an EMT
Man escapes police, steals ambulance
Paramedic pay rate increase approved by Ala. county agency: The new paramedic starting pay, $12 per hour, is “in the ballpark” of nearby services
Paramedic announces candidacy for president: Charles Robichaud calls on voters to consider him as a write-in candidate in the 2016 presidential election
Sex offender with EMT license sued over woman’s death: The lawsuit claimed the EMT ignored protocol and did not call 911 to report a potential suicide
Mom, baby get $3,500 ambulance bill after hospital parking lot birth
EMT in wreck that killed 4 UGA students 'truly heartbroken'
Skydiving tour plane crash kills 5
Synthetic opioid W-18 spiking overdoses in Philly
UFC champion credits firefighter-paramedic career for victory
3 EMTs fired for inappropriate on-duty behavior
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Student advice: 7 ways to understand EMS traumatic stress
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
Think about these questions as you consider what to do next.
Break the silence 
6 ways paramedics can improve their wellness
By Bryan Fass, EMS1 Columnist
Understand the importance of balancing clean eating with stress to achieve your wellness, fitness and health goals.
Your allostatic load 
EMS agencies turn to cloud-based, integrated software packages to improve efficiency
By Robert Avsec, EMS1 Columnist
All personnel need appropriate access to information, forms and schedules from any device which connects to the Internet.
Customize your system 
5 questions EMS leaders need to answer for city and county officials
By Bruce Moeller, Ph.D., EMS1 Columnist
Explore the answers with elected and appointed officials so informed decisions can be made about the future of your EMS service.
Prioritize vital service 
A co-worker despises, calls EMS patients derogatory names
In this episode, Dr. Tan and Whitehead discuss a complex scenario regarding paramedics who despise certain patients and use derogatory terms to refer to those patients.
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Public Service PTSD PSA
Pit crew CPR demo
2,781Miss Tennessee discusses her life’s work, passion as an EMT
660'EMS Bingo' Facebook photo criticized
604Public Service PTSD PSA Video
4155 signs you've got an unhealthy EMS agency
339Synthetic opioid W-18 spiking overdoses in Philly
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