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Friday, May 13, 2016


Most city cars are smaller and smarter than your average car, but they're limited by design and manufacturing conventions handed down from larger cars. What happens when you abandon these conventions? Well, Russian company Mirrow has tried to find out, and created the Provocator in the process. Read more
When we road tested Evolve's Carbon Series electric skateboard last year we were pretty reluctant to hand it back. So what happens when you take an already killer design and up the power by about 10 times? We tightened up our helmets and jumped aboard the souped-up Carbon GT to find out. Read more
Ameo announced that it was fundamentally changing the design of the swimmer's snorkel in 2012, with its Powerbreather model. The company has finally released it and we had a chance to try it out.​ Read more
As with its predecessors​, the 2016 Kia Optima remains value-oriented, but this newly-redesigned Optima is anything but cheap. Although bang for the buck was clearly a goal in its design, the 2016 Optima is also fun to drive with smart looks in a compelling package. Read more
For part three of our fascinating interview series, serial inventor Dezso Molnar spills the beans on a number of existing flying car designs that he feels are nailing it - and a few he's not a fan of. Read more
BMW's CEO has just given one of the clearest indications of when we can first expect to give up the steering wheel. Speaking at a shareholder meeting, Harald Krueger said the Bavarian giant would have its autonomous i NEXT on the road by 2021. Read more
In August 2014, the Mars Curiosity Rover celebrated the two-year anniversary of its landing, and this week it celebrated its two year anniversary – again. This time though, we're talking two Mars years, which has enabled NASA to analyze data on seasonal patterns in the Martian atmosphere. Read more
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lotus' factory founding, ​the British automaker is producing an exclusive Hethel Edition of the 4.1-second 0-60 mph Evora 400. The car commemorates Lotus founder Colin Chapman's historic move to the former RAF Station Hethel southwest of Norfolk in 1966. Read more
With the supercharged V8 under the hood of the 2017 Camaro ZL1 putting out 640 horsepower (477 kW) and 640 pound-feet (868 Nm) of torque, Chevrolet has designed a new 10-speed automatic transmission​ to handle all of that power going to the rear wheels. Read more
With a night landing at Tulsa Airport, Solar Impulse 2 completed the 11th leg of its solar-electric circumnavigation. With Bertrand Piccard at the controls the aircraft touched down at approximately 11:15 pm CDT after a slight delay due to a slow ascent caused by the aircraft's low power. Read more
If you're finding that there just aren't enough shortcuts on your computer's keyboard, the Finger-Aware Shortcuts system may be what you need. It accesses different functions assigned to the same key, based on which finger you use to press it. Read more
​The Cassini spacecraft has captured a stunningly detailed view of the "dark eye" of Saturn's vast south polar vortex, a feature so large that it could comfortably swallow planet Earth. Read more
In the past we’ve seen paper - one of the most ubiquitous materials around - used to create origami batteries and even diagnostic tools. Now, researchers have used it as the basis of what they call PaperID, a project that uses simple RFID tags to add smart functionality. Read more
​According to a team of astronomers making use of data from two powerful orbital telescopes, a dwarf planet known as 2007 OR10 orbiting in the far reaches of our solar system is significantly larger than previously believed. Read more
Viral infections can be difficult to tackle due to their ability to develop resistance to drugs, and major viruses like Ebola and Zika pose a real threat to global health. Help might well be at hand though, with researchers developing a macromolecule that tackles viruses in three separate ways. Read more
The construction of London's new Crossrail rail link has been a feat of logistics and engineering in itself, but, with the project nearing 75 percent completion, focus has shifted towards the end result. The new trains were unveiled last year and, now, images of its new stations have been released. Read more
Pioneering technologies like 3D printing have had a huge impact on the medical world, and now a new material could lead to implants for replacing damaged cartilage. The new material mimics the properties of the real thing, while encouraging the re-growth of natural cartilage. Read more
Nearly three million years ago the surface of our planet contained less than 0.001 percent of today's oxygen. While this has been known for a while, we've never been quite sure what the Earth's upper atmosphere looked like at the time. Fossilized cosmic dust has helped scientist sort it all out.​ Read more
Researchers have developed a tube-shaped microbot that removes 95 percent of lead from polluted water in one hour, offering a cheaper and more effective way for removing heavy metals than previous methods. Read more
News flash: texting while driving is dangerous. While this probably isn't news to anyone, a study from the University of Houston has delved deeper into why this is, and compared it to other distractions like being lost in thought, or engaging in passionate conversation with passengers.Read more
Camping can be fun, but going without the comforts of home isn't for everybody. So if your idea of roughin' it for the weekend still includes ice cold water and the ability to charge your phone, the Little Luxury Outdoor Extreme Water Cooler​ might be for you. Read more
DrinkMate makes it simple to make smart decisions while you drink. Not even two-inches long, this tiny yet robust breathalyzer slips into your pocket or hooks onto your key ring so you can easily pull it out when duty calls. Just blow into the end and a few seconds later the app on your smartphone will reveal your approximate blood alcohol content—so you never call an ex, send the wrong email to your boss, or worse, ever again. Read more