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Friday, May 27, 2016


3D-printing technology could revolutionize architecture in the coming years, allowing designers to literally click-and-print buildings. A step forward in the field comes via Dubai, where what's hailed as the world's first 3D-printed office was recently completed. Read more
Luke Workman, AKA LiveforPhysics, is a brilliant, fearless, joyful maniac who seems to be involved in just about every significant electric project in Silicon Valley. That's just his professional life - things get even crazier after hours. Read more
After having my brain smooshed against my skull, my stomach flipped and flopped, and my spine whipped hither and thither, I thought a day at the Six Flags amusement park in St. Louis Missouri couldn't get any more fun. Riding the park's newest virtual reality coaster proved how wrong I was. Read more
The Shed of the Year competition includes some of the most innovative, wacky, and downright fun micro-architecture you're likely to see in one place. Entrants include a shed that can withstand a nuclear attack, a sustainable shed built from cobs, and a street-legal shed that packs a V6 engine. Read more
Someday down the road, you may go to an arcade where you'll walk around a warehouse-sized VR space with other headset-wearing cohabitants. One company is trying to make that a reality on a game engine level. Read more
Silicon Valley father of four Damon McMillan has just put the finishing touches to his Seacharger boat and plans to set it off on a solo trip from the Californian coast down to Hawaii on May 30. The craft is designed to cut through the waves using only a motor powered by solar panels. Read more
Once you've dragged yourself to work and back, it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to go to the gym. London-based gym 1Rebel has come up with a solution in the form of a fleet of buses converted into mobile spinning studios. Passengers will be able to exercise during their commute. Read more
E Ink is a versatile technology, but one thing it's always had trouble with is color. It has used color filter arrays (CFA), but the range and richness of those is limited. Now, E Ink has unveiled Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP), which it promises will bring the full color gamut to its screens.Read more
A Beijing company is planning to move ahead with a track-based bus system that allows cars to pass underneath, an idea aimed at easing air pollution and congestion. Read more
As well as offering a raft of powerful two- and four-wheel drive hybrids, the most recent PSA Group Innovation Day has revealed Peugeot and Citroen are working on an EV with 450 km of range from a 50 kWh battery. ​ Read more
It had previously been thought that Earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones (HZs) of red dwarf stars could provide a possible haven for life, but sophisticated computer models suggest that these planets are likely rendered uninhabitable by their super-dense atmospheres. Read more
Spintronics promises devices that are faster and more energy efficient than conventional electronics, but a major hurdle has been how to effectively generate the spin current in the first place. Now, scientists have devised a new method for quickly creating currents using ultra short laser pulses. Read more
Xiaomi has just revealed its debut consumer drone, a modular quadcopter with a handy suite of autonomous features and a price tag that might make one local counterpart a little uneasy.​Read more
Bosch has whipped the covers off an all-electric motorsport kart prototype​ concept. With 300 Nm (221 lb.ft) of torque on tap, the e-kart will hit 130 km/h (81 mph) and promises to give gas-powered go-karts a run for their money. ​ Read more
One problem with electric skateboards is that their long form factor makes them awkward to carry around when not in use. That's why Linky was created. It's a folding electric longboard, that fits inside its own bag.​ Read more
Designer Alessandro Tartarini hasn't dubbed his Velocifero MAD the "SUV of electric scooters," but we're doing it for him. This burly, fat-tired electric scooter is itching madly to kick up dirt and spit out gravel while carrying you from A to B.Read more
As the leaning multi-wheeler scooter class is booming, Yamaha has announced a new addition next to its European best seller, the Tricity 125. The brand new Tricity 155 boasts a larger engine and, although the extra 30 cc may not sound as much, they do make a big difference in the eyes of the law. Read more
Having covered the Shell Eco-marathon so many times over the years and with the teams gearing up for this year's competition, we thought it was about time we tried our hand at driving one of the cars ourselves. Suffice to say, we won't be winning any efficiency awards anytime soon. Read more
​NASA engineers at the Goddard Space Flight Center have successfully installed the delicate camera and spectrometer instruments onto the back of the James Webb Space Telescope's (JWST) mirror assembly. Read more
Early in April, Brit backyard tinkerer Colin Furze asked viewers of his YouTube channel for ideas on how he could modify a rather nice-looking Epiphone Les Paul guitar. Clearly Mad Max fans were watching as most voted for a flamethrower. Read more
Skoda mightn't be a favorite among the tuning community, but that hasn't stopped a team of students within the company from turning the Rapid Spaceback into the Atero, a coupe to make Fast & Furious fanboys weak at the knees. Read more
Solar Impulse 2 has completed the 13th leg of its solar-powered around the world flight, touching down at LeHigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania. The single-seater aircraft reached its destination at 8:49 pm CDT after a near 17-hour flight from Dayton, Ohio. Read more
Looking to pursue photography as a passion project or career? Either way, this bundle will teach you everything you need to know to study photography in a serious fashion. Plus with included stock images, you'll truly get bang for the buck of your choosing. Read more