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Monday, May 23, 2016


Following months of sea trials, the US Navy took formal possession of its largest ever destroyer as the future USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) changed hands from the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Maine. Read more
This year's Google I/O may have fallen short of our lofty dreams of a fully standalone VR headset, but it did still paint a pretty clear picture of where Google is going with this stuff – and how that changes (and doesn't change) the consumer VR landscape. Read more
Weighing in at 4,727 lb but capable of doling out 443 of torque way down low thanks to its brilliant 3.0 liter turbo-charged diesel V6, Range Rover's 2016 Sport scores big points in all the right areas. We tried out its legs on British Columbia's famously scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway.​ Read more
The Toyota Land Cruiser is legendary for its prowess as a sport utility vehicle. The Lexus LX 570 is the premium brand’s take on that SUV. The new body styling, updated transmission, and roomier interior are high points for 2016 – none of which impede on the offroad capability of this rig. Read more
One place GPS is of no use to anyone is underwater. But the seas may soon have high-precision positioning systems of their own, through a DARPA program aimed at providing US Navy submersibles with a new means of navigating the ocean's depths. ​ Read more
As a quadriplegic, the only way Sam Schmidt can drive is using Arrow's open-source semi-autonomous car. Having first demonstrated the technology at Indianapolis in 2014, Schmidt has returned with a modified version of Arrow's Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and clocked 152 mph (245 km/h) on the famous oval​ Read more
The BACtrack Skyn sensor can be worn on the wrist and pairs with a smartphone app to offer real-time monitoring of alcohol levels, even pinging the user's phone when they drinking too hard.​​ Read more
BMW might be putting a focus on the future of mobility at the moment, but that hasn't stopped it from taking a glimpse at the rear-view mirror. The 2002 Hommage concept pays tribute to the compact coupe that set the blueprint for the Bavarian company's modern sport sedans. Read more
Researchers at the Max Planck Institute have created an adhesive from the metal gallium that has on-demand reversible glue-like properties that could have applications in everything from industrial electronics processes to switchable adhesive feet for climbing robots. Read more
In a real case of strange bedfellows, one of the largest solar plants in the world is being built in Oman to boil water to use in oil production rather than to generate electricity. Read more
Researchers from the University of Connecticut have created color and transparency changing materials that alter their properties in response to mechanical force. The team believes that these techniques may one day help create everything from smart windows to physical encryption devices. Read more
Victory Motorcycles is returning to the TT Zero​ at the Isle of Man with a new electric racer. After achieving a third place finish in its debut last year, the American team will field the 170-hp Victory RR superbike in an effort to reach the top of the podium. Read more
The Wayv Adventurer is a battery-operated radio frequency cooking appliance that's small enough to fit in a backpack. In other words, it's a hand-held microwave.​ Read more
Solar Impulse 2 has touched down in Dayton, Ohio, on the latest leg of its global circumnavigation flight. With André Borschberg at the controls, the single-seater solar-powered aircraft landed at Dayton International Airport after 16 hours and 34 minutes in the air.Read more
APWorks, a subsidiary of Airbus, has created of the world’s first 3-D printed motorcycle that can actually be used as a daily rider. The electric powered two-wheeler appears to be what would happen if H.R. Geiger designed a motorcycle. Read more
A research team from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has developed a laser process that could make joining carbon fiber composites and aluminum less expensive with more robust joints as a result. The process promises cheaper high-end products for lightweighting in automotive manufacture.Read more
If you know someone with a compulsive behavior such as nail-biting, you may find yourself constantly telling them, "Hey, you're doing it again." The problem is, you can't be watching/stopping them all the time. That's why HabitAware's Liv bracelet was created. Read more
For a tumor to grow, the disease must first find tissue that’ll let it thrive. We know that the disease prepares tissue by acting upon a protein that suppresses the body’s defences. Now, scientists have worked to take back control of the protein, restoring defences against cancer in laboratory mice. Read more
Perhaps above all else, the smartphone camera triumphs for capturing the drunken antics of our friends. With the simplest of additions, though, our phones can be used for capturing a world so small that it is barely visible to the human eye. Read more
Engineers at NASA's Langley Research Center, Virginia, are putting a team of advanced crash-test dummies through astronaut hell as they test the potential injuries that could be inflicted on future crews splashing down in the Orion spacecraft. Read more
A lightweight exosuit, which features a “soft” fabric-based design, could help patients with lower limb disabilities regain mobility. The institute has partnered with ReWalk Robotics – the biggest name in powered exoskeletons - for the ambitious project. Read more
Nydeum Sense is a new peripheral looking to change how we interact with our smart devices, providing users with a single device that combines keyboard and mouse. It lets users trace out letters on a contoured touch surface, while providing a more conventional touch experience on its second side. Read more
​The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a stunning image of the full disk of Mars prior to the Red Planet's closest approach to Earth in 11 years. Hubble snapped the Red Planet on May 12, 2016, at a distance of 50 million miles from Earth. Read more
Chevrolet has created the OnStar Proactive Alert system, which senses if something isn't quite right under the hood and prompts drivers to get their vehicle serviced before more expensive or ill-timed breakdowns occur. Read more
MAD Architects​ is bringing its curvaceous​ brand of building design to Europe for the first time. The newly announced UNIC apartment block in Paris will be marked by offset, meandering floor plates that taper gradually as the building rises to make the most of the views.​ Read more
The Society for Automotive Engineers International has approved publication of its first wireless charging guidelines. The announcement paves the way towards an industry-wide wireless charging standard for automobiles.​ Read more
The Pittsburgh Steelers have a new MVP ... and it's a robot. In this case, MVP stands for "Mobile Virtual Player" – a remote controlled robotic dummy designed to help players practice tackling and other plays with less risk of repetitive injuries.​ Read more
It’s easier than ever to have your personal information stolen via internet browsing. Plus with constant activity surveillance, the Internet is more cluttered with ads and promotions than ever. You can tackle both those problems with a VPN from CyberGhost, providing you with military grade encryption, forced HTTPS secured connections, ad-free browsing, and much more! Read more