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Monday, May 23, 2016

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Nudists lose battle to bare all on southern Spanish beach
alobos Life/Flickr
Spanish nudists have lost a seven-year battle to gain access to a beach in Cádiz, southern Spain. 
    Barcelona edge out Sevilla in bad-tempered King's Cup final
    Fans celebrate Barça's win. Photo: AFP
    Barça raised the Copa del Rey for the 28th time on Sunday. 
      Three Spanish Olympic sailors robbed at gunpoint in Brazil
      The 250-step “Selaron Stairs” in the Santa Teresa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: AFP
      Three members of Spain's Olympic sailing team were robbed at gunpoint in a popular tourist area of Rio de Janeiro. 
        Spain's baffled British expats on edge as Brexit looms
        Men play pool in a British bar in Benalmadena. Photo: AFP
        What do British expats in Spain really think about Brexit? 
          Barcelona agree 'world record kit deal'
          A record-breaking deal will ease the strains on Barca’s finances as a €420 million renovation of their Camp Nou stadium looms. Photo: AFP
          Barcelona agreed a “long-term” contract extension with American sportswear giants Nike on Saturday, landing what is reportedly the most lucrative kit-sponsorship deal in the world. 
            Catalan flag allowed at Spain's cup final after ban lifted
            Barcelona football club has long been an outlet for Catalan who favour secession in the wealthy northeastern region to express their beliefs. Photo: AFP
            A Spanish judge on Friday overturned a controversial ban on Barcelona fans flying Catalan separatist flags at Sunday’s Copa del Rey final against Sevilla in Madrid. 
            The Local list
            Thirteen mouthwateringly delicious reasons to be a vegetarian in Spain
            Calçots are a seasonal treat. Photo: Gerard Romans Camps / Flickr
            Foodie experts, Devour Spain, share their tips for the best vegetarian food in Spain. 
              Teen seriously injured when fifth-floor selfie goes wrong
              Stock photo of a selfie. Photo: Maelick/Flickr 
              An 18-year-old girl is in a serious condition after falling off a fifth floor balcony while taking a selfie. 
                Top baby names: Spanish parents depart from tradition
                A 'baby-jumping' festival near Burgos, Spain. Photo: Cesar Manso/AFP.
                Spaniards are getting more and more creative with their baby names, opting more for Games of Thrones than Biblical, according to a new report. 
                  Metro strike to cause chaos in Madrid this weekend
                  Careful planning your weekend: this strike may cause some travel delays. 
                    7 incredible ways Spain has profoundly changed my life
                    Photo: Photo: Peter Zuco/Flickr
                    British travel blogger Lizzie Jones tells The Local how living in Spain changed her life.  
                    Born on this day
                    Six surreal facts from the life of Salvador Dalí
                    Salvador Dalí was born on May 11th, 1904. Photo: AFP
                    To commemorate the fact that Salvador Dalí was born on this day in 1904, the Local takes a look at some of the more surreal aspects of his life.  2 comments
                    Why the baby brain can learn two languages at same time
                    How do babies learn language? Photo: Irene Zaccari / Flickr
                    Is it confusing for babies to learn two languages simultaneously? 
                    What's on in Spain: May 2016
                    The San Isidro fiestas in Madrid. Photo: Bru Garcia/AFP.
                    Spaniards are eager to get out and enjoy the spring weather in May, taking to the streets to throw fiesta after fiesta. 
                    The Local list
                    Nine reasons why Cervantes is better than Shakespeare
                    The Bard versus Cervantes. Photo: Creative commons / Wikimedia
                    In the battle for greatness, could Cervantes beat Shakespeare? 5 comments
                    More news
                    Spanish region bans bull killing in traditional festivals
                    Toro de la Vega festival. Photo: Pedro Armestre/AFP
                    It is a partial victory for animal rights campaigners.  
                    Spain court drops warrant for Putin associate in mafia probe
                    File photo of a man in handcuffs. Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP.
                    A Spanish court has thrown out an international arrest warrant issued for a top Russian lawmaker from President Vladimir Putin's party as part of a probe into an underworld gang. 
                    The Local List
                    Ten unique Basque words you need to learn right now
                    The Basque beret or txapela. Photo: AFP
                    The Local looks at some key unique words in Basque you can try out during your next visit to northern Spain.  
                    Anger as Catalan flag banned from major football match
                    A Barcelona match where fans wave the Estelada pro-Catalan independence flag. Photo: Lluis Gene/AFP.
                    Barcelona blasted a Madrid-imposed ban on Catalan flags being flown at Sunday's Copa del Rey final as an attack on freedom of expression on Wednesday. 2 comments
                    'Severe jellyfish stings' end Brit's Spanish swim feat
                    British Swimmer Anna Wardley. Photo: Sofia Winghamre
                    A British endurance swimmer was set to become the first person to complete the Balearic Island Challenge on Thursday, but had to cut the charity mission short to go to hospital for jellyfish stings. 
                    From our other editions
                    A gift for Euroskeptics?
                    A choice between green and blue at the ballot. Photo: Monusco Photos/Wikimedia
                    Austria's presidential runoff, which could see a far-right candidate grab power this Sunday, is a test for the European Union as it battles the rise of eurosceptic and populist parties across the continent. 
                    Swiss court vetoes wedding of couple with 50-year age gap
                    File photo: Abhishek Jacob
                    The 71-year-old Swiss great-grandmother and her 21-year-old Tunisian fiancé had their marriage application refused. 
                    Sexual assaults reported at Berlin street festival
                    File photo of the carnival parade. Photo: Soeren Stache/DPA
                    Women were "surrounded, harrassed and grabbed" at the city's celebration. 
                    Green card holders tell Denmark to keep its promise
                    Green card holders say that Denmark is breaking its promise by threatening to scrap the scheme altogether. Photo: Mazhar Hashmi 
                    With parliament threatening to scrap the controversial green card scheme, current green card holders are trying to convince MPs to reverse course. 
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                    How to launch your international career
                    Tesco to bring British tea and biscuits to Spanish stores
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                    Eat, learn, live: unforgettable holidays in France 
                    Bucket list: 16 brilliant things to do once in your life in Spain
                    Spain's Civil War victims to be exhumed from Franco's tomb
                    Two mums face jail for leaving kids in car to go out drinking
                    Students at Spanish college forced to take exorcism class
                    Ten superb reasons why you need to visit San Sebastián
                    Abused wife saved by hiding SOS note in son's homework
                    Look up! Rare meteor shower set to dazzle skies over Spain
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                    Expats didn't 'abandon' UK so ALL Brits should get EU vote
                    What's on in Spain: May 2016
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                    Five bonkers ways Spain is commemorating Cervantes