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Friday, May 13, 2016

Entire Gary Indiana Fire Department Responds to Fire


Gary, Indiana is another small city that has a great longstanding fire department tradition which it has had to preserve against all kinds of problems ( abandoned housing, funding, etc.-- not unknown elsewhere of course)

There are other really good documentaries about the Gary FD on Youtube

This fire is a great example of the precision teamwork of the Gary FD... which had a lot to handle in this one..

Above rig arrives on scene

"Water is still the element best used for firefighting"-- Dennis Smith

It is useless to ask someone like a Gary Firefighter why they run in when others are running out, of course they will laugh and say " It's our job!"

Tower Ladder deployed...

This was a Big One for the Gary" Brotherhood of Fire"...

Follows here an overview of the Department as it is today
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Welcome to the Gary Fire Department official website. You will find this web site organized along the lines of our department's organization. Press releases and new information will always be located under the News heading. Hiring information would be on the pages of the Fire Commission and the EMS Division. A special page has been created for Fire Buffs. This site is a work in progress. Please be patient with us as we continue on this project.

Our Mission
The mission of the Gary Fire Department is to improve the quality of life within the city, by providing a high quality emergency fire, rescue and emergency medical service, an excellent fire prevention program, including public education and arson investigation, a fire fighting force capable of handling emergencies which may include structural fire fighting, hazardous material emergency response, all types of rescues, and miscellaneous emergencies and catastrophes.

The department will accomplish this mission while maintaining a high regard for the safety and health of our personnel, and maintain a high standard of training and education, maintain fire department facilities and apparatus, administer to the fire service work force, and interact professionally with other city departments and divisions. 

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I have my own special connection to Gary first having grown up in the Chicago area and knowing Gary somewhat as well as people from there, and now from Facebook...where the-- I hesitate to use this word, but it is pretty accurate-- legendary Gary Firefighter Tony Buckrop ( now retired after 31 years and looking for another kind of fire supervisory job--)

Tony is the kind of down to earth, straight from the shoulder Fire Officer who  quickly commands  respect...people know where they stand with him and there is no bullsh*t, which, as people like Dennis Smith have noted, is one of the most important elements in the same time, he is also very kind...rare qualities

I am lucky enough to have some of Tony's old stuff ( job shirt and other shirt) which he has sold off  now.. 

I had to remind him to charge for the shipping! As it was he sent me more than I paid him for..

Certainly made my day when it arrived, cold from the messenger who had been outside and with the faint smell of smoke on the shirts ( or was that my imagination?) Can't get closer to "salty" stuff when you deal with people like Tony

And, watch this in theater mode or full screen

Published on Jul 17, 2014
A reported still alarm was toned out for 19th and Delaware around 5:30 PM, as I was sitting at Station 2 in Gary I peered my head around the corner and saw a large black header from the area. On arrival a fully involved 2.5 story frame building was found that was communicating to a 2 story brick corner store with apartments above. A second alarm was called by Division 2 which brought every piece of in service equipment to the scene along with mutual aid departments, the oly equipment not used were airport rigs. Crews had water on the fire in the first 5 minutes of being on scene and they brought the fire under control without injury or incident. Incredible job performed by the Gary Fire Department as usual and a special shout out to Firefighter Jordan JR. for rescuing the dog! I missed you guys, glad to be 10-8!!!!!!