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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Should Italy really be getting so cosy with Iran?
Iranian President and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in Rome in January. Photo: Tiziana Fabi/AFP
Italy wants to restore its economic clout in Iran. But is the rest of the world willing to accept that? 
Are 500,000 cats the solution to Rome’s rat crisis?
A candidate in Rome's mayoral elections has said he will unleash 500,000 cats against the city's rats if he takes office. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
Are feline rat-catchers the solution for Rome's rodent problem? 
    Panic as shark swims up Tiber river
    A shark was seen swimming up the mouth of Rome's Tiber river on Tuesday. Photo: Nicola/Flickr
    A two-metre shark has been sighted at the mouth of the Tiber river. 
      'Honest' Swedes as likely to fudge taxes as crafty Italians
      A new study suggests Italians and Swedes are just as likely to cheat on their taxes. Photo: Ken Teegardin/Flickr
      The stereotype of the cheating Italian has just been blown apart. 
        Refugee Crisis
        EU attacks Austria's planned 'migrant fence' on Italy border
        Asutria has begun building an anti-migrant barrier at the Brenner pass, pictured above, on its Italian border. Photo: Arnulf Zu Lindern/Wikimedia
        Italian ministers say the decision to build the fence is not based on facts. 
        Italians toast world's thirst for country's prized wines
        The Italian wine industry is flourishing. Photo: Vincenzo Pito/AFP
        Experts say punter's thirst for Italian wines shows no sign of abating.  
        Why Italy is scared that oil rush will blight Dante's beach
        People hold a banner reading "On April 17th, Vote Si" during a march in Rome. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
        The debate pits environmentalists against the government and big business. 
          Refugee crisis
          Italy saves 4,000 migrants as flow to Greece recedes
          The migrant arrivals represent a sharp increase on the average daily numbers landing in Italy since the start of the year. Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP
          War-torn Libya is the main jump-off point for migrants trying to reach Europe from north Africa. 
          Ex-CIA agent in last ditch bid to avoid extradition to Italy
          An ex-CIA agent convicted for the extrodinary rendition of an Italian imam Abu Omar, pictured above, is trying to block her extradition to Italy Photo: Khalen Desouki/AFP
          Sabrina de Sousa was convicted by an Italian court in 2009 over the extraordinary rendition of an Italian imam. 
            Renzi seeks to revive Italy's economic clout in Iran
            Iran President Hassan Rouhani (L) and Italian premier Matteo Renzi. Photo: Tiziana Fabi/AFP
            "Italy has a special place among Iranians."  
            What's on
            Ten wonderful things to do in Italy in April
            Historical re-enactments will be staged to celebrate Rome's brithday later this month. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
            Stuck for things to do in Italy this month? Then look no further... 
            Is Italy ready for the next wave of migrants?
            File photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP
            The "crossing season" for migrant boats from Libya to Italy has not yet begun, yet arrivals are already up on last year's count, raising questions about where the new wave of tens of thousands will be housed. 
            My Italian life
            How a few days in Capri changed this Australian’s life
            Gianluca and Holly with their son, Valentino.
            "I never imagined living anywhere beyond Australia." 
            How Florence is coping with its 'foreign' food clamp down
            All new restaurants and food shops in Florence's historic centre must now ensure that at least 70 percent of their produce is local. Photo: Frank Kovalchek
            “Sometimes, I like to eat sushi.” 
            These are the ten worst places to live in Italy
            Arsoli in Lazio. Screenshot: Google Maps
            Does anyone live in any of these places? 
            More news
            Italy set for another long, sweltering summer
            'Frequent heatwaves' are forecast for the summer of 2016 in Italy. Photo: Tiziana Fabi/AFP
            Forecasters said the above-average spring temperatures are a prelude to what will probably be a “hot summer, with frequent heatwaves.” 
            Italian wife told: You can't have €50k for your bad sex life
            A Italian woman sought €50,000 in compensation from her ex-husband over their poor sex life. Photo: Tamaralvarez/Flickr
            The woman made the claim under 'moral damages' during divorce proceedings. 
            Lost €120 million Caravaggio 'found in a leaky French attic'
            A work though to have been painted by the Renaissance master Caravaggio has been found in France. Photo: Patrick Kovarik/AFP
            How a leaky roof in a French city might have helped unearth a €120 million masterpiece... 
            Italian minister in Libya for talks with unity government
            Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni (L) holds a press conference upon his arrival in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Photo: Mahmud Turkia/AFP
            Libya has descended into near-anarchy since the overthrow of longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi. 
            Artist Christo in divine stunt on Italian lake
            Artist Christo's new project "The Floating Piers" will be staged at Lake Iseo in Italy. Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP
            An artist's installment at an Italian lake will allow visitors to walk on water. 
            From our other editions
            20kg of drugs seized on Vienna underground
            Helmer Manfred/Wiener Linien
            Police operation seizes 20 kilograms of drugs and arrests nearly 2,000 people in just a few weeks on one of Vienna’s underground lines. 
            Isis spreading 'like cancer': United Nations
            The war raging in Syria has "provided the perfect breeding ground for extremist and terrorists to take root in the society." Photo: AFP
            The Syrian conflict has acted like a greenhouse for extremist groups which are now spreading "like a cancer", the UN chief said on Friday, urging greater cooperation to prevent radicalization. 
            Bavarian town finally strips Hitler of honorary citizenship
            Adolf Hitler. Photo: DPA
            Some may say it's too little too late. But 71 years after the end of the Second World War, a Bavarian town is taking a defiant stance against the Nazis - by revoking Hitler’s honourary citizenship. 
            Four Isis ‘recruits’ arrested in Copenhagen
            Police were out in large numbers at a residential area in the suburb of Ishøj on Thursday. Photo: Asger Ladefoged/Scanpix
            UPDATED: Four people were detained on Thursday on suspicion of joining Isis in Syria.  
            Compulsive hoarder crushed to death under huge trash pile
            File photo of a hoarder's living room. Photo: Shadwwulf/Wikimedia Creative Commons.
            Police found the lifeless body of a 51-year-old man beneath piles of rubbish at his home in Galicia. 
            Walls go up in Europe again: Austria raises 'migrant fence'
            The next Copenhagen? Bari plans €7.9m seafront revamp
            Lost €120 million Caravaggio 'found in a leaky French attic'
            Why Italian bookshops are snubbing a mobster's son
            Locals first: Venice makes tourists wait for water buses
            Italian island hits back at British anti-migrant headlines
            Analysis & Opinion
            Italian island hits back at British anti-migrant headlines
            Italians pour scorn on French attempt to reinvent carbonara
            Italians pour scorn on French attempt to reinvent 
            Italian town still empty seven years after deadly quake
            Italian town still empty seven years after deadly quake
            Why Italy is mulling wine classes for schoolchildren
            Migrants saved after 'crank calling' Rome pensioner
            How Florence is coping with its 'foreign' food clamp down
            How a few days in Capri changed this Australian’s life
            Analysis & Opinion
            Why Italy is letting builders bury its history in concrete
            Caravaggio's violent triumphs go high-tech in Rome
            Italy wants common EU defense after Brussels attacks
            Looted artefacts stashed by British thief restored to Italy
            Italian fashion king Armani goes fur free
            Florence toasts Guggenheim eye for 20th century art
            Analysis & Opinion
            Italians look cheerful - so why do they claim to be unhappy?
            Italian town to fine people who give money to beggars
            Italy to pass new laws to fight €12 billion food waste
            How this homeless Brit is helping Rome’s destitute
            Treasure-filled tomb of Etruscan 'princess' unearthed