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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Rather than using a traditional camshaft to control an engine's valves, Qoros' QamFree motor uses electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators​ to provide precise control over each valve for more power and a 12 to 17 percent improvement in fuel economy. Read more
This year's Salone Internazionale Del Mobile (aka Milan Design Week) filled the 204,850 sq m (2.2 million sq ft) of the Rho Milan Fairgrounds in Italy. Here's a look at the highlights. Read more
Modern cameras can be confusing for new photographers, but understanding what all those buttons and dials do is important if you want to take better pictures. Here we look at the parts of your camera you’ll want to get familiar with to up your photographic game. Read more
Front-wheel drive has now crept across into BMW's smallest SUV. So, is the X1 worth the sticker price and can a roomy family SUV really be built on the skinny carcass of the Mini Cooper? After spending a week in the xDrive25i, we have some answers. Read more
When it comes to bike locks, there are heavy but effective U-locks, and lighter but less secure setups such as cables with padlocks. Well, Altor Locks is out to change that. Its compact new 560G weighs just 1.23 lb (or 560 grams, hence the name), yet is claimed to be extremely theft-resistant. Read more
After securing Kickstarter success, and undergoing some nifty design tweaks, Andy Alt's A Little Thunder pickup has now found its way into its very own signature guitar. The Ego Thunder has been developed in partnership with Italy's Marconi Lab custom shop. Read more
A newly-opened treetop walkway in the UK is said to be the longest in the country. The 300-m (984-ft) path at Westonbirt Arboretum takes visitors into the tree canopy, providing a perspective that would otherwise not be possible, along with views out across the surrounding landscape. Read more
According to a new international study using NASA satellite data, sizable parts of the Earth have shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Read more
Either Elon Musk really can't wait to get to Mars or his engineers are building the necessary technologies a bit faster than expected. SpaceX has just announced plans to have one of its Dragon spacecraft on its way to the Red Planet as soon as 2018, four years earlier than anticipated.​​ Read more
For dog owners who treat their pets like children, it can be hard leaving them alone while at work. What if - in the absence of your constant reminders - they forget who is, in fact, a good boy? Furbo is designed to allay these fears by letting you remotely talk to, and feed, your pet. Read more
University College London (UCL) has released images of the Martian surface with five times the resolution of anything previously sent back from Mars orbit courtesy of the newly developed Super-Resolution Restoration (SRR) imaging technique​. Read more
Through haptic feedback technology and artificial intelligence, Stanford University's humanoid diving robot is now putting the ocean's depths within human reach, scouring an untouched shipwreck and returning with a delicate, 17th century vase in its grip. Read more
The Beijing Motor Show played host to some important launches, as well as some market-specific specials from brands keen for a slice of China's 1.35 billion-person pie. Have a flick through our gallery for all the new and exciting metal on display. Read more
Researchers have produced novel micro-sized particles filled with liquid metal that retains its liquid state at room temperature and are able to meld with each other. Read more
​A team of astronomers has announced the discovery of a new moon located in the far reaches of our Solar System, orbiting the little-known dwarf planet Makemake. Read more
Cylinder deactivation is nothing new, it’s been used in automotive for decades. A new system called Dynamic Skiip Fire from Tula Technologies takes this idea to a new level with significant fuel economy gains as a result – especially in heavy-duty applications.Read more
Researchers at the University of Montreal have created a thermometer that's an astonishing 20,000 times smaller than a single human hair. The work could lead to significant improvements in our understanding of how the human body functions on the nanoscale. Read more
Ever wondered what it looks like if you combine Dubai's wealth, ambition, coastline and climate? Well, it looks like floating villas with submerged bedrooms that provide views of the surrounding sea-life off a reclaimed island archipelago shaped like a map of the world in the Persian Gulf. Read more
Developing vaccines is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor, but a new technique developed by researchers at the University of Copenhagen could revolutionize the practice. The simple method could have a big impact, with the potential to create vaccines for everything from asthma to cancer. Read more
A new video highlights the tiny-house lifestyle of a couple who've dragged their 20-foot-long abode over 22,000 miles in the US and Canada. Read more
IBM Japan has teamed up with Subaru to investigate how its Watson Supercomputer could help improve its EyeSight driver assist technology. As well as developing a data analytics system, the two companies are keen to integrate cloud and AI technologies. ​ Read more
Following up on an announcement made last year, BMW has introduced its all-new racing wheelchair, which will find use in the 2016 Paralympic Games in September. BMW has worked closely with the American team to create a chair that capitalizes on aerodynamic design and carbon fiber construction. Read more
Isuzu has teamed up with Arctic Trucks to develop its most extreme D-Max pickup truck ever. This D-Max wants to get dirty. ​ Read more
Google Fiber officially launched in its fifth American city on Wednesday, when the gigabit broadband service became available in one Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood. Read more
Businesses need IT professionals to operate efficiently. Understanding ITIL will allow you to optimize your IT service, and help you build better strategies to keep customers happy. Beginning with an assessment of your current IT service offering, you’ll be ready to take the ITIL Foundation exam by course’s end. Read more