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Friday, April 29, 2016

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Italian feared dead in Norway helicopter crash
Rescue forces work at the shore west of Bergen, Norway after a helicopter transporting 13 oil workers crashed. Photo: Rune Nielsen/NTB Scanpix/AFP
The helicopter was returning from the Gullfaks B platform, in one of Norway's biggest offshore oil fields. 
    Germany tells Italy to stem migrant flow to north Europe
    Germany's interior minister has told Italy to do more to stop migrants arriving in northern Europe. Photo: Giovanni Isolino/AFP
    "What is happening in Brenner depends above all on the Italians." 
      Joe  Biden takes 'Moonshot' cancer campaign to Vatican
      US Vice President Joe Biden (C) has taken his cancer campaign to the Vatican. Photo: Vincenzo Pinto/AFP
      The US Vice President lost his son to cancer last year. 
        Niqab-wearing tourist stopped from entering Italian museum
        A niqab-wearing tourist was prevented from entering a museum in Padua. Photo: Fixers/Flicker
        The Saudi Arabian woman was visiting the museum while on holiday with her husband in northeast Italy.  
        7 breathtaking alternatives to Italy's tourist hotspots
        Cala Rossa on Sicily's Favagnana island. Photo: Lula1977
        If you're planning a trip to Italy - or are lucky enough to live here - then get away from the maddening crowds with a visit to one of these gems. 
          Cheese, wine and family: the Italian way to live beyond 100
          There are 19,000 people over 100 in Italy, what's their secret? Photo: Sergio Pani/Flickr
          What can we learn from Italy's 19,000 centenarians? 
          Milan play down crisis as shareholders rage
          AC Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani has played down talks of a crisis amid repots of huge losses and ongoing takeover talks. Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP
          The club reportedly lost €89 million last year. 
          Italy brands Austria's migrant fence 'a waste of money'
          Italy has said Austrian plans to build a migrant fence at the Brenner Pass, pictured above, are a waste of money. Photo: Photo: Arnulf Zu Lindern/Wikimedia
          The two countries have clashed over Austria's decision to close the Brenner Pass. 
          Animal activists buy shares in Prada to pursue ostrich fight
          Animal rights group Peta has become a shareholder in Italy's Prada. Photo: Maddy Cheng/AFP
          The animal rights group is protesting over Prada's ostrich leather handbags. 
            Concordia captain shirks blame at shipwreck appeal
            Francesco Schettino is trying to avoid jail for his part in the Costa Concordia disaster. Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP
            Costa Concordia capitain, Francesco Schettino, was sentenced to 15 years in prison last year. 
            Shakespeare and Italy: A literary love affair
            Tuscany (photo: Public domain/Flickr) and Shakespeare (Wikimedia Commons). But did he ever set foot in Italy?
            To mark 400 years since William Shakespeare's death, we look back at the Bard's particular fondness for Italy. 
            My Italian career
            How I went from teaching in Italy to working for the UN
            Jonathan Moody's Italian odyssey has taken him from TEFL teacher to UN worker. Photo: Genevieve Lavoie Mathieu
            Jonathan Moody came to Rome as an English teacher but now works for the UN.  
            The Local list
            Bizarre Italian food rules foreigners fall foul of
            Parmesan on seafood pasta? Sacrilege! Photo: Ben Sutherland/Flickr
            Yes, Italian food is delicious. But before you dine out with Italians, you need to know some rules. 
            The Local list
            The strange history behind five everyday Italian words
            Photo: Tim Green
            We bet you've said at least one of these words today - but did you know what it actually means? 
            What's on
            Ten wonderful things to do in Italy in April
            Historical re-enactments will be staged to celebrate Rome's brithday later this month. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
            Stuck for things to do in Italy this month? Then look no further... 
            More news
            Italian stuns talent show with 'living Caravaggio' paintings
            This is not a Caravaggio painting, it's real people. Honest. Photo: Screengrab/Italia's Got Talent
            Italian art master Caravaggio's work has never been more lifelike...  
            Long-term Brit in Italy barred from EU vote vows to fight on
            War veteran Harry Shindler has lived in Italy since 1982. Photo: Rosie Scammell
            Harry Shindler, 94, said he would appeal directly to British Prime Minister David Cameron after losing a High Court bid on Thursday. 
            Tense talks as Italy fumes over Austria migrant 'slap'
            Austria and Italy were set for showdown talks on Thursday. Photo: Raul Alejandro Rodriguez/Flickr
            The two countries have clashed over Austrian plans to close the Brenner Pass. 
            Beijing police to patrol Italy streets to bust Asian gangs
            Chinese officers will patrol the streets of Milan and Rome. Photo: AFP
            The experiment is the first step in a collaboration between the Italian and Chinese police. 
            Why Italian merry widows perk up after husbands die
            The health of widows in Veneto improved after they lost their spouse, the study found. Photo: Sergio Pani/Flickr
            Italian widows are healthier - because they have no husband to look after. 
            From our other editions
            Teen confesses to gang rape attack in Vienna
            Teenager admits to being involved in an alleged gang rape attack on a student in a public toilet in Vienna. 
            Council-funded brothel touted for Zurich
            File photo: Joshua Rindner
            A Zurich politician files a motion to open a municipal brothel. 
            The Local List
            Germany's most bizarre May 1st traditions
            Locals from Ruhpolding, Bavaria ride a stolen Maibaum down the street. Photo: DPA.
            May 1st brings out weird and wonderful traditions in Germany, from mountain-top witch parties to day-drinking and dancing. Something wicked this way comes... 
            Could Danes face a 'red meat tax' to help climate?
            The council said that consumers should be prompted to eat less meat through a tax. Photo: Bjarke Bo Olsen/Scanpix
            “Danes are ethically obligated to change their eating habits," the Danish Council on Ethics said in suggesting a tax on meat.  
            Couple caught on camera having sex on metro platform
            Screen grab: Krroks/YouTube 
            The hunt is on for a couple filmed getting a bit too frisky on a metro platform in Barcelona on Saturday night.  
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            How to launch your international career
            It's a long life for Italians as number of centenarians triples
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            Education abroad: How to find an international school
            Mussolini museum project awakes demons of Italy's past
            How real is the threat from dormant Isis cells in Italy?
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            What's the best way for expats to transfer money abroad?
            Homeless snub famous Italian chef's vegan dishes
            Shakespeare and Italy: A literary love affair
            Happy 70th Vespa! The history behind Italy's famous scooter
            IN PICTURES: The history of the Vespa, Italy's famous scooter
            The top five free smartphone apps for learning Italian
            Italy dismisses beach terror plots report
            The strange history behind five everyday Italian words
            Should Italy really be getting so cosy with Iran?
            Are 500,000 cats the solution to Rome’s rat crisis?
            Walls go up in Europe again: Austria raises 'migrant fence'
            The next Copenhagen? Bari plans €7.9m seafront revamp
            Lost €120 million Caravaggio 'found in a leaky French attic'
            Why Italian bookshops are snubbing a mobster's son
            Locals first: Venice makes tourists wait for water buses
            Italian island hits back at British anti-migrant headlines
            Analysis & Opinion
            Italian island hits back at British anti-migrant headlines
            Italians pour scorn on French attempt to reinvent carbonara
            Italians pour scorn on French attempt to reinvent 
            Italian town still empty seven years after deadly quake
            Italian town still empty seven years after deadly quake
            Why Italy is mulling wine classes for schoolchildren
            Migrants saved after 'crank calling' Rome pensioner
            How Florence is coping with its 'foreign' food clamp down