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“I’m looking forward to meeting her. It feels good to know that I played a part in saving her life, and that she gets to now carry on life with her daughter. If I got called again, I’d do it all over again without question.” – FDNY Firefighter Michael Wilson from Ladder 166 in Brooklyn, who joined the Be The Match Registry as a Probationary Firefighter at the FDNY Training Academy on Randalls Island in 2003. In 2010, a call from New York Blood Center notified Firefighter Wilson that he was a match for a female patient in need of a transplant. He donated peripheral stem cells at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in June, 2010. On Friday, April 29, Firefighter Wilson will meet his match for the first time, at the 12th annual Honor Roll of Life inductee ceremony at FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn.
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Therese Saccone Oneill
Therese Saccone Oneill God Bless Firefighter Wilson for his beautiful deed🚒🇺🇸 it brings tears to my eyes just to think how that reunion will feel for him and this patient. A true hero and beyond good hearted person. Thank you for saving another life. 🌈
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Rosemary McKenna
Rosemary McKenna Thank you to FF Wilson and all of the other FDNY members who have donated bone marrow or stem cells and have saved the lives of cancer patients.
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“When I found out that I would be able to help, I was so happy. And then to hear that the process worked out and that he’s doing well, it’s wonderful. I’m very excited to meet him.” – FDNY Firefighter Fredrick Perdue from Engine 67 in Washington Heights, who joined the Be The Match Registry in 1993 as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, and later rejoined while a Probationary Firefighter at the FDNY Academy on Randalls Island. Twenty years after he first enrolled, Firefighter ...
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Chico Rod
Chico Rod I've had the honor of working with Fred a couple of times.. What an awesome guy! Tip of the Helmet to you my friend!
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Carol McAndrew Golas
Carol McAndrew Golas Fred Perdue, You must be a very kind and caring person. Thank you for saving another life. God bless and be safe out there Big Guy!!!!!
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“I may never see her again. But for 30 seconds our lives crossed paths, and I’m glad that I was able to help her. When we made it to the living room, Firefighter Grillo held the flames back with the can while I followed sounds of moaning. It was near zero visibility in the apartment. I couldn’t see, but I was walking towards the noise and feeling around, and I came across her leg. She was semi-conscious, I tried to speak to her but she couldn’t respond. I pulled her out of he...
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Kathleen Noonan
Kathleen Noonan 44 was my dad's (Capt. James Noonan) first house along with Jack Beechert, Tom McGary, Carl Schlereth & many other great men. Although he moved around after that, 2 Truck, Engine 50 , he always said 44 was his favorite. Said it was one of the best houses for heavy action.
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Diana Lamb
Diana Lamb Kathleen Noonan.... I remember you as a very little girl. Your parents had a Christmas party at their house one year probably in the early 1970s. I remember all of you at the Christmas parties at the firehouse. All of those names you mentioned Bring back a flood of memories. Thank you for sharing.
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“We were in the middle of checking the rigs, we had the apparatus door open and a Good Samaritan passed by and said they thought they saw the man who was missing. We walked with them to the corner of the block, and met him there. He had been missing overnight. He was shaken and cold. We brought him back to the firehouse and warmed him up, tried to comfort him.” - FDNY Probationary Firefighter Raymond Pyrcz from Engine 205 in Brooklyn, who was approached this morning by person...
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Nora Van Doran- Staller
Nora Van Doran- Staller I got this email about the missing young man, who is autistic. My heart sank, thinking the worst. I'm so glad he was found. Great job gents!! And great job to the good samaratin!
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Jeremy Liegis
Jeremy Liegis This incident renews my faith in society and our ability to make a difference by simply paying attention to our surroundings and not .completely distracted by some type of technology eg: Talking or texting. Great job FDNY, but after reading many of the pervious comments not sure why the "Good Samaritan " who originally noticed the missing man is rarely mentioned. I suppose that the outcome is what truly important.
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Today's FDNY Throwback Thursday photo is from this day in 1974, at a 2-alarm fire at Bedford Avenue and Lafayette Street in Brooklyn. See more photos at [Flickr]
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Mike Morley
Mike Morley thats the job come out filthy dirty smokey but were always smiling love for the job
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John Rokee
John Rokee My dad was a Lt in 234 in the 90's. Loved that house. St Johns East!
Today, the FDNY hosted a ceremony at Engine 10 & Ladder 10’s Memorial Wall to pledge the Spartan Oath, an oath against Veteran suicide. Also present was the Spartan Sword, a "weapon of mass healing" forged from 25 lbs. of steel recovered from the World Trade Center after September 11th. See more photos of the ceremony at [Flickr]
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Angela DiMaria
Angela DiMaria 10 house has become a place of fellowship throughout the years. The fire fighters share their work place with the world. They all step up and say hello, shake a hand, buy a t-shirt. It's a way to connect with the FDNY to say thanks and show support. Activities such as this just goes to show how Important we hold the 10 house grounds.
James Harrison
James Harrison 9/11 tribute video. Please check out and feel free to share. Enjoy and God bless
DAV was live.
Join us with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) at the site of the FDNY Memorial Wall in NYC to pledge an oath against veteran suicide. ‪#‎spartanweekend‬...
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Gene Johnson Jr.
Gene Johnson Jr. We all need to be aware of those around us experiencing difficulty and be willing to listen and help them get the help they need. Being less self centered and more others centered will go a long way to helping someone out of their dark hole. Never forget.
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Joanne Beebe
Joanne Beebe I will take the pledge to help a veterans who need help with PSD
Ciudad de Nueva York
“Había humo en el apartamento y escuché un ruido que venía del piso. Eran los gatitos, estaban llorando. Encontré a uno, y después a los otros. Son tan pequeños...
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Gary Grillo
Gary Grillo I remember having 2 cats on a blanket on the back step of my pumper that were brought out of a building fire we were working at. They seemed dead. I was alternately giving them air from the spare Scott we carry on the rig. There were two kids watching...See More
Jordan Jackson
Jordan Jackson Hi there - The TODAY Show would love to speak to someone who could comment. Is there a number we can call aside from the emergency line?
On Saturday, April 23, the families of FDNY Probationary Firefighters were welcomed to the Fire Academy on Randalls Island for Family Day, where they saw firsthand the skills their loved ones have learned over the last 18 weeks as they trained to become New York's Bravest. See more photos at [Flickr]
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Nick Habermehl Boots
Nick Habermehl Boots Any word on what number list 2000 is up too?
New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Please follow for updates regarding recruitment
Eileen McGoldrick- Dolan
Eileen McGoldrick- Dolan I love this post! 35+ years go I attended this ceremony for my brother and today he is a Lt. and key instructor at Randalls and probably taught the graduates of today! so proud!
On April 23, 2016, FDNY members, including the Mobile CPR Unit and Fire Safety Education team, were on hand at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival Street Fair, sharing fire and life safety information with attendees. See more photos at [Flickr]
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Roxanne Rocco
Roxanne Rocco NYCFD Thank You.
Joanne Beebe
Joanne Beebe What a pretty little girl
“It was smoky in the apartment, and I heard noise coming from the bay of the floorboards. It was the kittens, they were crying. I found one, and then the others. They are so young. I’m glad we were able to get them out of there.” - FDNY Firefighter Vincent Martinelli of Ladder 31 (working today at Engine 50) describes the rescue of four young kittens at a 2-alarm fire earlier today in the Bronx.
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Skylar Marie
Skylar Marie I would set my house on fire if he was the firefighter responding...😻😻😻
Gail Bentzinger
Gail Bentzinger There's nothing like a cute, strong firefighter holding a couple of tiny kitties he saved from a fire to make a lady's heart go pitty pat.
“He was not only the first black Fire Commissioner of the FDNY, he was the first black Fire Commissioner of a major city in the country. Being the first to hold any rank or title is a tremendous responsibility, but it’s one he did not shy away from. He embraced it, and continued to proudly serve the city, and lead the Department.” - FDNY First Deputy Commissioner Robert Turner at today’s street co-naming ceremony for former FDNY Commissioner Robert O. Lowery. Council Member M...
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Frank Miale
Frank Miale Never rose above the rank of firefighter, President and founder of the Vulcans, the black firefighter fraternal society. Appointed during the infamouse John "Liberal" Lindsey administratiion. I suppose it is all coincidental - it has to be!
Roxanne Rocco
Roxanne Rocco Fire Fighters save lives everyday. Pray you never need to call for their service.
Today the FDNY will honor Former FDNY Commissioner Robert O. Lowery in street co-naming ceremony at West 155 Street and Riverside Drive. Robert Lowery was the first African American Fire Commissioner of New York City, and was one of the original founding members and president of the FDNY Vulcan Society.
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Darrell A. Dunbar
Darrell A. Dunbar Had the honor of meeting the commissioner with Lieutenant David Floyd back in the eighties
Edward Tuohy
Edward Tuohy It was said he was a real gentleman.
Happy Passover from the FDNY! Celebrate safely with our ‪#‎FDNYSmart‬tips found at [web page]
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Stan Glaser
Stan Glaser 👍🚒😎
Happy Earth Day from the FDNY! Follow Birdie NYC to learn how you can be ‪#‎GreeNYC‬!
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Elizabeth Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson Hi engine 7and ladder 1 happy earth day with love  from shewolf see you guys soon
Today’s FDNY Throwback Thursday photo is from this day in 1981, at a 2-alarm fire at 1771 Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. See more photos at [Flickr]
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Liliane Her
Liliane Her You are always so brave ! Thanks for all that you did and do for American people
Patricia Florenco
Patricia Florenco One of them is my husband smile emoticon
“When I pulled up, there was a woman standing in the street, waving her arms and screaming in distress, ‘There are people in the house! There’s a baby inside!’ My own children are 3 and 5 years old, and both being a father and with the training we’ve received, my instinct was to run inside even though the fire company wasn’t on scene yet. I notified my dispatcher at EMS and headed to the front door.” – FDNY Lieutenant Craig Roeder, a Paramedic at Station 45 in Queens and seen...
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Sharon Keefe
Sharon Keefe God bless the FDNY all are HEROS! Including the ones in my family that are no longer with us or are retired!
Barbara Wright
Barbara Wright The devotion of firefighters, policemen, & policewomen to their responsibilty never ceases to take my breath away. In uniform or out, they are always ready to "be there" for us. God Bless each of you!!!
On Friday, April 15, 2016, the FDNY and FDNY Foundation celebrated the launch of the FDNY 2017 Calendar of Heroes at Herald’s Square Plaza in Manhattan. For 2017, the iconic Calendar of Heroes is two calendars in one – with a 12 month version featuring the men of the FDNY and 12 month version featuring the women of the FDNY. For the first time ever, FDNY EMTs and Paramedics are included among the calendar models. As a part of the annual event to release the Calendar, FDNY ...
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Patty Step
Patty Step It's about time! There are some good looking people in the EMS!
Paula Tardelli
Paula Tardelli Hii, I'm nurse and I'm from Brasil. I go to NY and I would like to know your work and paramedics. It's possible? Thanks
The men and women of the FDNY 2017 Calendar of Heroes are in Herald Square, ready to meet you! Come by until 2 pm today (Friday, April 15) so you can purchase a calendar and have it signed by our members! All proceeds benefit the FDNY Foundation. You can purchase a calendar online at
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Peggy Fevola
Peggy Fevola Love the FDNY. My Dad is a retired NYC Fireman
Jean Milano-Diana
Jean Milano-Diana you guys are the best xoxo
Ciudad de Nueva York
El Departamento de Bomberos llama a todos los neoyorquinos y visitantes de nuestra gran ciudad para que acompañen a miembros de nuestro Calendario de héroes y h...
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Ludwig Cavallar
Ludwig Cavallar Greetings from the Swiss Fire Department of Remetschwil.
Free Social Events ~ New York City area ~ Looks like we can meet these great heros today in Union Square, see the most recent post for more info!