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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Angle

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The Angle by Graphiq


In North Korea, It’s Nukes Over Food »

The North Korean government continues to invest 25 percent of its GDP on military spending, despite a food deficit that leaves its citizens starving. InsideGov looks at how North Korea’s nuclear dreams create a humanitarian nightmare for its inhabitants.


Weekly Rotation: The Five Best $100 Million Bargains in MLB History »

The Rangers paid Alex Rodriguez $252 million for a 10 year contract. When franchises commit at least $100 million to one player, the results can often be disastrous. However, paying the right superstar is usually a franchise-altering move on the other side of the spectrum.


The 50 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made »

The most expensive movie made in 1991 was "Terminator 2," costing over $178 million (inflation-adjusted). Using data from IMDb, PrettyFamous ranked the most costly movies ever made by their estimated inflation-adjusted budgets. 

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