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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Body cam: Ill. ambulance hit by car on crash scene; 2 hurt
Off-duty dispatcher performs CPR on side of highway
Jay Leno raises $50K for EMS organization, donates ambucycle
NTSB: Helicopter not certified to fly in conditions before crash: Preliminary report details prevailing weather conditions and the crash debris of an Ala. helicopter crash that killed the crew and a patient
DC EMTs: Time for training hasn't been provided: The department's lack of a medical director and operation of private ambulance services is slowing down training
Paramedic accused of stealing patient's debit card, charging $11K:The medic, who has an extensive jail record, stole the man's debit card when he was dispatched to his home
Fla. bill increases LODD benefits for EMS, fire, police
Wellness program targets EMS providers
EMT recalls aiding officer in hit-and-run crash
San Francisco ambulance struck by car; 4 hurt
911 dispatchers, telecommunicators are critical to saving lives
Va. paramedic receives 'Star of Life' award
Simplify Your Time-sensitive Emergencies
With Pulsara, EMS is a fully integrated member of any care team. Eliminate radio reports, transmit ECGs, securely message the team, and get instant patient feedback. All a tap away.
Get better patient outcomes now
CPR training video misses its mark
By Catherine Counts, EMS1 Columnist
Music videos with attractive models get lots of views, but that doesn't mean we should use them for bystander CPR training.
Negative advertising 
Why errors happen during lifesaving EMS interventions
By Bradley Dean, EMS1 Contributor
A teenager's death after a misplaced and unrecognized failed intubation is a tragic reminder of how and why error can occur.
Do it for Drew 
Discover the Demers Difference
A look inside the state-of-the-art Demers Ambulances production facility and our focus on ambulance testing.
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Do antiarrhythmics improve out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival?
By Kenny Navarro, EMS1 Columnist
Understand the findings of the amiodarone vs. lidocaine vs. plain saline (ALPS) trial and what those findings mean for EMS providers.
Study review 
Top 10 things to consider when buying body-worn cameras for medics
By Doug Wyllie, EMS1 Contributor
The widespread use of body-worn cameras by police is leading some paramedic chiefs to consider cameras for EMS personnel.
Ease of use 
Best care for a patient after multiple lift-assist calls
Dr. Tan and Steve Whitehead discuss this commonly encountered scenario. Listen to what they have to say and share your thoughts in the comments.
Watch the video 
Folding ambulance created for paramedic simulation education
911 dispatchers: Thanks to everyday heroes
441Paramedics and EMTs celebrated as unsung heroes
282EMT puts aside own grieving to save baby's life
206Cleveland EMS swears in first female EMS commissioner
174Paramedic rescues, adopts stray puppy
108Urban ATV riders show off confrontations with paramedics and cops on social networks
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