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Friday, April 29, 2016

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Ibiza bans drinking in street…  and that includes water
Police will be on the look out for offending tourists. Photo: AFP
This summer tourists in Ibiza risk dehydration or a fine under new measures that will see the drinking of all liquids banned from public areas. 
    What's on in Spain: May 2016
    The San Isidro fiestas in Madrid. Photo: Bru Garcia/AFP.
    Spaniards are eager to get out and enjoy the spring weather in May, taking to the streets to throw fiesta after fiesta. 
      Eurovision bans Basque flag alongside that of Isis terrorists
      The ikurriña - the Basque flag - has been banned. Photo: Rober/Flickr
      The popular singing contest has banned the flag of the Basque Country, angering politicians who have demanded the "boycott" be lifted.  
        'Troll' wins payout from family of missing Spanish boy
        Yéremi Vargas vanished in March 2007. Photo from Missing Person's poster
        The parents of Yéremi Vargas named and shamed an internet troll after nasty comments about their missing son. And now they are being punished.  
          Brace yourself: Fierce storms to hit Spanish Med at weekend
          A couple stand on a beach in Spain during a storm. Archive photo: Josep Lago / AFP
          Spain's national weather agency is forecasting heavy rain on Friday and Saturday along the Mediterranean coast. 
            Spain in tug-of-war with Lorca family over poet's archive
            Lorca was shot during the Spanish Civil War. Photo: AFP
            The Spanish authorities have banned the export of the poet's archive. 
              Paternity test 'proves Spanish matadors are father and son'
              Both bullfighters are known as El Cordobes. Photo: AFP
              In the bullring it really is a case of like father, like son. 
                'Hugely important' haul of Roman coins found in Spain
                Stock photo of Roman coins. Photo: Helen Hall/Flickr 
                Over 600kg of bronze coins were unearthed during building work in Seville. 
                  Drunk Brits booted off Ryanair Liverpool flight to Alicante
                  The pilot diverted to Limoges to kick off two drunk men. File photo: Philippe Hugen / AFP
                  A flight from Liverpool to Alicante was forced to land in France on Thursday after two drunken British nationals began fighting on board. 
                    Why Spain is heading for a Groundhog day election
                    Bill Murray in the 1993 film Groundhog Day relived the same scenario over and over. Screenshot from film. 
                    How did the nation fall into such a state of political limbo and will a new vote help end it? 
                      The Local list
                      Nine reasons why Cervantes is better than Shakespeare
                      The Bard versus Cervantes. Photo: Creative commons / Wikimedia
                      In the battle for greatness, could Cervantes beat Shakespeare? 
                      The Local list
                      Ten delicious Spanish dishes you must try before you die
                      Photo: Joan Grifols/Flickr
                      If you thought Spanish food was all paella and pinchos then think again. The Local takes you on a mouth-watering tour of some of the country's lesser known but equally fabulous culinary highlights. 
                      Meet the Swedish man putting the Messi into baby changing
                      Leo Messi and a baby in his number 10 nappy. Photo: AFP / blog moda bebe
                      A Swedish entrepreneur is branding baby nappies especially for Barcelona football fans. 
                      The Local List
                      Debunking the myth: How true are Spanish stereotypes?
                      Photo: Justyna Rawińska / Flickr
                      Spaniards are loud, lazy and love a nice long siesta... don't they?  
                      The Local List 
                      Nine incredibly  addictive television series from Spain
                      A still from Spanish TV series Velvet. Photo:
                      Spain might not be internationally known for its small screen action but that could be about to change. 
                      More news
                      Brexit referendum
                      Expats didn't 'abandon' UK so ALL Brits should get EU vote
                      Photo: AFP
                      British expats did not turn their backs on the UK, they took advantage of Britain being in the EU and it's a travesty many of them won't get a say in whether it leaves. 
                      Expats lose bid to scrap 15-year rule for EU referendum
                      Photo: D Smith/Flickr
                      Long term British expats face being locked out of Brexit referendum after high court ruling on Thursday.  
                      Junk food 'not so bad' when eaten with Mediterranean diet
                      A new study isn't entirely bad news for burger lovers. Photo: rob_rob2001/Flickr 
                      New research shows that eating fatty, sugary food has no impact on the likelihood of heart attacks if eaten alongside a healthy Mediterranean diet. 
                      Spain sees unemployment rise in first quarter of 2016
                      People line up outside a job center. Photo: AFP
                      Unemployment is rising again in Spain with more people seeking work than at the end of 2015. 
                      Outcry over job ad seeking waitress with 'nice breasts'
                      Archive photo of a female bar tender. Photo: Frank Perry/AFP.
                      Shock over an online job ad posting searching for a waitress with "nice breasts" has grown into a full-blown police investigation. 
                      From our other editions
                      Teen confesses to gang rape attack in Vienna
                      CHRISTIAN BRUNA/EPA
                      Teenager admits to being involved in an alleged gang rape attack on a student in a public toilet in Vienna. 
                      Council-funded brothel touted for Zurich
                      File photo: Joshua Rindner
                      A Zurich politician files a motion to open a municipal brothel. 
                      The Local List
                      Germany's most bizarre May 1st traditions
                      Locals from Ruhpolding, Bavaria ride a stolen Maibaum down the street. Photo: DPA.
                      May 1st brings out weird and wonderful traditions in Germany, from mountain-top witch parties to day-drinking and dancing. Something wicked this way comes... 
                      Could Danes face a 'red meat tax' to help climate?
                      The council said that consumers should be prompted to eat less meat through a tax. Photo: Bjarke Bo Olsen/Scanpix
                      “Danes are ethically obligated to change their eating habits," the Danish Council on Ethics said in suggesting a tax on meat.  
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                      Expats didn't 'abandon' UK so ALL Brits should get EU vote
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                      What's the best way for expats to transfer money abroad?
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