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Sunday, April 24, 2016

From Bill V. - Creative Bathroom Signage

20+ Of The Most Creative Bathroom Signs Ever …
Toilets get a pretty bum deal (no pun intended). They're one of mankind's most useful inventions yet rarely do we show them any gratitude. But Thomas Crapper (the Godfather of the modern toilet. Seriously.) will be happy to know that some people put a lot of effort into their toilets (stop laughing). Take a look at these creative toilet signs for example. Sure they could have used boring "Men" and "Women" signs, but the masterminds behind these clever creations have decided that toilets deserve better than that. Only problem is, some of them are so creative that you might struggle to understand them once you've had a beer or seven.
Seen any funny toilet signs you'd like to share? Then be our guest! Oh, and don't forget to vote so you can help us choose the best...and flush out the worst (ok, I'm done, I promise).  So, be truthful, how many of you would end up in the wrong room on some of these???

#1 Love This Text At The Toilet Of Brouwersdam

#3 Iq Test

#4 These Restrooms

#5 Rain Bathroom Signs

#6 Couldn’t Care Less

#7 Bathroom Signs

#8 Unisex Bathroom Signs

#9 The Best Bathroom Signs Ever

#10 This Single Occupancy Restroom Sign

#11 Creative Bathroom Sign

#12 Most Accurate Toilet Door Sign Ever

#13 It's All About The Seat

#14 Follow These Advices!

#15 How Will You Get That Used Beer Out Of Your System?

#16 Our New Bathroom Signs At The Pinball Wizard Arcade

#17 The Bathrooms Signs At The Googleplex

#18 Perfect For A Breakfast Bar

#19 Found This In Pittsburgh

#20 By Far The Most Confusing Bathroom Signs I Have Ever Seen. The Men's Is Actually On The Left