The Germans are no passbook Fossil more. The need to finally realize the savings banks. Comment by Cerstin Gammelin more ...
Trial of a former Auschwitz guard
Former SS guard breaks his silence: "I'm sincerely sorry"
Reinhold Hanning, former warden at Auschwitz, manifests itself in court for the first time about the time that he wanted to oust his life. More ...
Babette Albrecht as a witness in the fraud trial of the art consultant Helge Achenbach before the Landgericht Essen
Aldi-Nord-heirs fighting over leadership in business
The founder's son called his deceased brother's wife a report, "a burden for our company" - and wants to get rid of them more ....
The AfD could poison yourself
At the Federal Congress of the Alternative for Germany is arguing about the future course of the party. Another shift to the right could go for AfD backwards. By Heribert Prantl more ... Video column "Prantl's policy"
"Focus" author presents Petry his "head available"
Michael Klonovsky noticed drastic comments on Islam, Merkel and feminism - and with programmatic ideas for the rights. The AFD intends to use the boss now. By Barbara Galaktionow more ...
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    "I do not want that one gets stuck in the throat the laughter"
    Gerhard Polt and Josef Hader find reputable humor not funny. For men, however, the drive dents in their cars. A German-Austrian satire summit.
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    "I'm the only street musicians with great Latinum"
    In Münster they call him "Uncle Willi": Klaus Reinhardt comes from a family of doctors, but soon he was looking for the freedom of the road. A conversation about money with a street musician in retirement.
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    A ship full of gold and silver
    Since 1708 is the "San Jose" on the floor of the Caribbean. Now Colombia's government claims to have discovered the legendary wreck.
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    Gentle extinction
    Riot in the theater, pig heads in Halal Restaurant: The "identitary" in Vienna, Paris or Bad Schlema pose as pop culture fun guerrilla.They should make the radical movements acceptable.
1916 Easter Rising - Six days, devastated the Dublin
On 29 April 1916, gave the last Irish rebels of the British Army, the capital was in ruins. But the decisive step towards INDEPENDENCE was done. More ...
Equality Today women in film
Women in German film - only men in the head
Manitou's Shoe, Keinohrhasen, The Most Desired Man: The SZ has looked and asked the 15 most successful German films: Insist the Bechdel Test From Luise Checchin more ... Analysis - The Search?
  • Equality today, "The Search": equality todayEmancipation destroyed eroticism
    How much equality tolerate our sex life? No. Who more than just wants to cuddle should take off the apron gender in bed.
  • Equality today equalityWhy men die earlier
    Almost everywhere in the world, women live longer than men. But the gap varies from country to country - and speaks volumes about the state of equality.
  • Equality today The SearchWomen, talk to us! Contend with us!
    If there are children, the model enforces that he works full-time and starts earning it. One reason is that women shy away from the discussion at the kitchen table.
Key Speakers At The 32nd Space Symposium
Bezos earned within minutes six billion dollars
More money for the exciting things in life: The Amazon founder pushes into the list of world's richest people in fourth more ....
Sonneborn called Erdoğan in the European Parliament to "err from the Bosphorus"
The satirist criticized Erdoğan's request to delete the term "genocide" of one of the European Commission's website. More ...
Process Jörg Kachelmann
Kachelmanns Ex wins with constitutional challenge
Jörg Kachelmanns ex-lover may her rape allegations further reaffirm publicly. The Karlsruhe judges tell her a "right of retaliation" to. More ...
Guardiola: "I'm not dead yet, my friends!"
FC Bayern Munich FC Bayern
The Bayern coach defends himself emotionally to criticism of its lineup in Atlético game. And are extremely combative. More ...
Lothar Matthäus Borussia MönchengladbachImages
As Bayern bought the competition broken
Mats Hummels will switch to Bayern - not the first time that the Munich the strongest competitor, the best player wegkaufen. A story of Del'Haye to Elber. More ...
Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt
Doping or stupidity? Announced investigation against league players Ben-Hatira
EXCLUSIVE In Snapchat Frankfurt posting an image can be seen on the needles, ampoules as well as a product containing a doping agent. From Thomas Kistner and Carsten Eberts more ...
now Hoverbike
Brite is flying Hoverbike builds
Colin Furze can with his version of Star Wars vehicle now as the Scout Trooper float through the air. More ... now
now swastika
This bird was once a swastika
Berlin sprayers have made ​​it their mission to beautify sinnentfremdend Nazi symbols. More
Josef Hader Arte thriller "The dead man at the pond"
Murder between antlers and fruit wine
An Austrian Regional Crime subtitles - has as much understanding really be? Yes, because of "the dead by the pond" worthwhile solely for Josef Hader. TV review of Moritz tree Stiegermore ...
What do you really know about Malta?
Azure Window, Malta, "Game of Thrones" - location
What would be helpful to understand the Maltese language? And what the island has to do with the Odyssey? Test yourself on the fly in seven questions. From Irene helmet more ... Quiz