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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Bienvenidos a Blighty: Spanish workers flock to UK
Josué and Laura are two of the hundreds of thousands of Spaniards working in the UK. Photo: J. Castaño
Record numbers of Spaniards have moved to the UK to find work and escape the economic crisis in their own country. 
    Seville celebrates its April Fair
    Photo: Cristina Quicler/AFP
    The biggest event of the year in the southern Spanish city got underway in style this week... 
      Breaking news
      Man arrested in Malaga over Paris supermarket attack
      Hostages running from the Jewish supermarket. Photo: AFP
      Police swooped in on a man thought to have supplied weapons used on the January 2015 attack on a Jewish supermarket. 
        Brussels slams Spain for failing to take in refugees
        The refugees welcome banner on Madrid's City Hall. Photo: AFP
        Spain has welcomed just 18 refugees since signing an EU accord in September 2015. 
          Now 'botched' castle repair wins world architecture prize
          Screen grab: La Sexta
          A radical castle restoration that became an international joke has won a prestigious global architecture award, vindicating its architect. 
            Hate crime against Muslims rises tenfold in Spain
            Photo posted by far-right group Hogar Social Madrid.
            Extremist groups are channeling hate towards Muslims in the aftermath of jihadist attacks in Europe. 
              Champions League
              Hat-trick hero Ronaldo fires Real Madrid into semi-finals
              Photo: AFP
              Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Real Madrid to a record sixth successive Champions League semi-final with a hat-trick. 
                Mallorca graffiti fury: 'Tourists go home. Refugees welcome'
                Residents complain that Palma is overrun with tourists. Photo: City Sightseeing
                Unfriendly graffiti appearing on walls in Mallorca shows just how sick some islanders are of tourists.  
                  Spanish king to meet parties in fresh bid to end deadlock
                  King Felipe will meet with all parties again. Photo: AFP
                  It's a last chance for Spain to form a government before fresh elections in June.  
                    Spanish 'starchitect' reaches new high with tallest building
                    Photo: Emaar Properties 
                    Controversial Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has announced plans to build the world’s tallest building in Dubai. 
                      Ten bizarre Spanish stories that are not April Fools' jokes
                      Screen grab: La Sexta 
                      These stories from Spain might all sound too strange to be true but actually are... 
                      Semana Santa
                      The essential guide to Easter in Spain
                      An Easter procession in Palma de Mallorca. Photo: AFP
                      As Spain gets set to celebrate its biggest religious festival of the year, The Local gives you the lowdown on how to celebrate Semana Santa like a Spaniard.  
                      Recipe: How to make Spain's delicious Easter dish Torrijas
                      Photo: Vincenzo Caico / Flickr
                      This scrumptious calorific treat is traditionally eaten in Spain over Easter.  
                      The ten commandments for expats living in Spain
                      Sometimes you just need to throw yourself into the local culture. Photo: AFP
                      Irish expat Carol Byrne outlines the ten golden rules you will need to follow to be a happy expat in Spain. 
                      Nine things to consider before moving to Spain
                      Photo: TonyMadridPhotography/Flickr 
                      Marianne Calvin, a relocation expert at Moving2Madrid, talks us through the top things to consider before taking the plunge and moving to Spain.  
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                      Nine incredibly  addictive television series from Spain
                      A still from Spanish TV series Velvet. Photo:
                      Spain might not be internationally known for its small screen action but that could be about to change. 
                      Grieving dad sues over 'cure cancer with vitamins' therapy
                      Julián Rodríguez. Photo: Screenshot from APETP video.
                      A 21-year-old died of leukaemia after rejecting conventional medicine for alternative natural therapies. And his devastated family want justice. 
                      Spain's 'Gatsby' arrested over laundering €13m in aloe vera
                      Mario Conde faces 12 years behind bars. Photo: Pierre-Philippe Marcou / AFP
                      A former banker, twice jailed for embezzlement committed when he was chairman of Banesto bank more than two decades ago, is behind bars again after he was arrested on suspicion of money laundering. 
                      Arms cache reveals Isis cell planned bold attack in Spain
                      The weapons were buried in a cardboard box. Photo: Interior Ministry 
                      A weapons cache, an Isis flag and a list of potential targets have been discovered by police in Spain's north African enclave of Ceuta.  
                      Spain minister asks Panama to clear him over banking leak
                      Spain's industry minister, José Manuel Soria. Photo: AFP
                      Spain's industry minister has faced calls for his resignation since he was named in the Panama Papers leak.  
                      From our other editions
                      20kg of drugs seized on Vienna underground
                      Helmer Manfred/Wiener Linien
                      Police operation seizes 20 kilograms of drugs and arrests nearly 2,000 people in just a few weeks on one of Vienna’s underground lines. 
                      Isis spreading 'like cancer': United Nations
                      The war raging in Syria has "provided the perfect breeding ground for extremist and terrorists to take root in the society." Photo: AFP
                      The Syrian conflict has acted like a greenhouse for extremist groups which are now spreading "like a cancer", the UN chief said on Friday, urging greater cooperation to prevent radicalization. 
                      Bavarian town finally strips Hitler of honorary citizenship
                      Adolf Hitler. Photo: DPA
                      Some may say it's too little too late. But 71 years after the end of the Second World War, a Bavarian town is taking a defiant stance against the Nazis - by revoking Hitler’s honourary citizenship. 
                      Four Isis ‘recruits’ arrested in Copenhagen
                      Police were out in large numbers at a residential area in the suburb of Ishøj on Thursday. Photo: Asger Ladefoged/Scanpix
                      UPDATED: Four people were detained on Thursday on suspicion of joining Isis in Syria.  
                      Spanish town fined for staging bizarre 'slippery swine' race
                      Fat man who crushed nativity donkey to death goes free
                      Consulate reveals weirdest requests from Brits abroad
                      Recipe: How to make Spanish albóndigas in tomato sauce
                      First journalist punished over photos under Spain’s gag law
                      'Hug a Brit to stop Brexit' Europeans urged
                      Benidorm's Sticky Vicky, 72, retires from sexy magic show
                      What's on in Spain: April 2016
                      Double amputee told to 'crawl' to Ryanair flight in Spain
                      Barcelona officially declares itself a 'veggie friendly' city 
                      Spain mulls 'no kill bullfights' in nod to animal rights
                      Report: Life in Spain is more miserable than Saudi Arabia
                      The ten commandments for expats living in Spain
                      Analysis & Opinion
                      'Gibraltar is passionately British - that's why we reject Brexit'
                      Recipe: How to make a classic Spanish tortilla de patatas
                      Woman judge asks rape victim if she 'tried closing her legs'
                      This is what happened when Spain restored an ancient castle
                      Why this Spaniard wants Britain to stay in the EU
                      Top Ten: Great books about Spain
                      The insider's guide to the best wine bars in Barcelona
                      Couple arrested in Spain over graveyard 'voodoo' love ritual
                      Fart sparks shoot out between rival Spanish gypsy clans
                      Rajoy achieves in hometown what Hitler and Stalin didn't