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Monday, April 25, 2016


It's time to start getting excited about HTC again. Not only did the company just start shipping the best VR headset money can buy, but it also has a legit Smartphone of the Year candidate in the gorgeous, powerful and smooth-handling new HTC 10. Read more
The American Institute of Architects' Committee on the Environment recently revealed its annual pick of Top Ten Green Projects. As always, AIA's selection serves as an ideal opportunity to check out some top-tier sustainable architecture. Read more
Japan's X-2 advanced technology demonstrator jet has completed it's maiden flight. The first Japanese-built warplane to incorporate stealth technology, the aircraft will be used to test various systems and equipment for fifth-generation fighter aircraft for the country's self-defense forces​. Read more
Toyota has taken many of its best-selling vehicles and turned them into efficient hybrids. These have then grabbed significant sales shares. The latest electrified introduction is the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid, which rides in on a mid-cycle refresh for the crossover. Read more
Solar Impulse 2 has completed the Pacific Ocean crossing leg of its round-the-world flight, landing at Moffett Airfield in California. Read more
It may look like a one-eyed trash can, but Nxrobo calls its Big-i a "personal robot butler." Big-i combines the features of domestic robot, home automation, and personal assistant that learns and adapts to its owner's behavior, Read more
The countryside around Nashville, ​Tennessee, is criss-crossed by wonderful country highways with twisting bends and rolling hills that really showcase what a car can do, which is why Chevrolet​ invited us there to experience the redesigned 2016 Cruze​. Read more
To combat the lack of visibility in smoke-filled buildings, Scott Safety has come up with the Scott Sight, a lightweight thermal imaging system integrated into a firefighter breathing mask to provide individual firefighters with real-time thermal images. Read more
​Presently, if you want to land a consumer drone on the water, you're pretty much limited to buying one of the special amphibious models. If a new Kickstarter project succeeds, however, there will soon be a floatation product available for the popular DJI Phantom series of quadcopters.​ Read more
​Astronomers have selected a dramatic image of the "Bubble Nebula", otherwise known as NGC 7635 to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope.Read more
The European Space Agency has released a stunning video constructed from data collected by the Herschel space observatory over the course of its short operational life. The video displays a detailed panorama of the Milky Way.Read more
NASA and South Korea will work together on an ambitious project designed to improve our understanding of air pollution. The effort will make use of three planes and more than 300 ground sites, working together to gather data that will help in the development of new solution to combat pollution. Read more
The team over at Shelter Wise has recently revealed its latest tiny house build, the Hikari Box, which boasts the feeling of added space and lots of natural light. Read more
Ilumi's new smart bulb is designed to allow users to light up outdoor areas of their homes. Known as the BR30, it features weatherproofing and is designed to work together with the company's indoor bulbs to provide a comprehensive lighting solution.​ Read more
Infiniti has followed up its Q30 and QX30 SUV concepts with a new QX Sport Inspiration concept. As with those earlier examples, the carmaker has used the QX Sport Inspiration as a means of exploring its vision for a premium mid-sized SUV and has included some features that it will use in production. Read more
In an effort to clear up the mass of discarded footwear by the front door​ of your home, you may invest in a shoe rack. A tidier alternative to both of these solutions is Shoeblox, which stores shoes on the wall, making a feature of them in the process.​ Read more
Shape-shifting electric scooters are nothing new, but the eFoldi covers some unexpected bases. The brainchild of father-daughter team Jianmin and SumiWang, the eFoldi electric scooter transforms into a practical chair or a suitcase-sized unit for transport. Read more
What is Android M? Just Google’s ultra-polished new Android platform, and the future of mobile technology. Android M opens up an amazing opportunity for developers, and budding developers, to create new, innovative apps that tap into this limitless technology—and it’s your chance to take advantage. In just six weeks, you will learn to create real apps like Uber and Instagram with project-based lessons. Complete this course and you’ll be selling your apps on Google Play in no time. Read more