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Friday, April 1, 2016

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April 1, 2016|View as webpage
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Welcome to the Star of Strife, the newsletter dedicated to hard-hitting investigative journalism, uncovering the hidden stories shaping the EMS service.

In this edition, we take a close look at how one frequent flyer is receiving experience credit toward a paramedic certification and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump announced a plan to use ambulances for mass deportation. Meanwhile, read how one EMT's Big Gulp cup is driving his paramedic partner to contemplate assault on the slow drinker.

Also, don't miss our exclusive on how an agency's "Cops Slap Here" sticker is solving a major EMS problem, and one rural EMS agency explains how they braced for the worst while transporting a highly inebriated man.
— EMS1 Team
Frequent flyer given 'experience' credit toward paramedic certification
Highest utilizer in state history begins medic degree program with a six-credit head start for years of ambulance riding experience.
Taxi voucher 
Trump announces plan to use ambulances for mass deportation
Candidate promises to keep families together in ambulances that can never be refused at hospitals or walls.
Can't be refused 
Partner unsure how long EMT plans to drink from Big Gulp cup in cab
The 72 oz. cup has "just always been there," according to partner.
'This is inhuman' 
Agency's 'Cops Slap Here' sticker solves major EMS problem
Fleet manager hailed for solving a worsening problem of inadvertent, misplaced and damaging ambulance slaps.
Protection of property 
Medical director seen for first time since last year's protocol update class
US Postal Service, amid budget crunch, to expand into EMS
EMT exercises right to open carry at EMS conference
EMS chiefs duel on 'Clash of Clans' to resolve service area dispute
Medics 'relieved' after drunk patient fails to soil self in ambulance
The patient's restraint and control got the ambulance back on the road faster, saving money and potentially another person's life.
'It's part of the job' 
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