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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Angle

The Angle by Graphiq


These States Give the Most Money to the Presidential Race »

Donors in California, Texas and New York have contributed about 39 percent of the total money raised so far in the 2016 presidential race, according to an InsideGov analysis. InsideGov examines campaign finance data to find out which places have given the most to the presidential contest.


The Best Health Care Funds Post-Obamacare »

VALIC Company I Health Sciences earned a five-year investor return of 18.51 percent. The team at Credio identified 20 successful health care sector mutual funds since the legalization of Obamacare.


Colleges With the Highest Admission Yield Rates »

StartClass found the colleges with the highest admission yield rates — meaning students who get accepted actually end up enrolling. Find out which school took the top spot, with a yield rate of nearly 85 percent.

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A stay of execution was granted for a Dallas man who was scheduled to die for killing his two daughters in 2001. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton must now decide whether to challenge that decision. USA Today.
Could Bill Clinton be VP? These rumored VP picks for Hillary could make or break her chances. AOL.
Patty Duke, who won an Oscar as a teen for "The Miracle Worker" and maintained a long and successful career throughout her life, has died. She was 69. FOX News.
The Angle by Graphiq