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Friday, April 1, 2016

Fire Rescue 1

April 1, 2016|View as webpage
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Welcome to the Maltese Marauder, the newsletter dedicated to hard-hitting investigative journalism, uncovering the hidden stories shaping the fire service.

In this edition, learn more about the Trump/Clinton firefighter mustache throwdown, why a fire department refused a mutual aid call to help pull off a viral marriage proposal and the latest in firefighter fashion — turnout underwear.

Lastly, don't miss the story on one family's struggle with a kindergartner who has no desire to be a firefighter and the near riot caused by a driverless fire truck that sparked parade confusion. 
— FireRescue1 Team
Trump, Clinton in firefighter mustache throwdown
Trying to woo every voting segment, the two candidates challenged each other to a mustache-growing contest.
Bizarre challenge 
Fire department refuses mutual aid call to help with 'viral' marriage proposal
A volunteer fire department did not respond due to a fellow firefighter proposing to his girlfriend.
True love 
Firefighter turnout underwear reignites 'sagging' trend
Underwear made from used firefighting gear has middle-aged white men relaxing their belts.
Unexpected demographic 
Kindergartner has 'zero interest' in growing up to be a firefighter
To his parents' horror, Robbie James, 6, ignores firefighting to dress in police clothes and pretends to make arrests.
Parents befuddled 
Firefighter wife turned arsonist forms support group
Fire department tests bounce-house rescue device
Fire dept. cites safety, revenue in condom machine installation
Fire department, ride-share firm enter mutual-aid agreement
More Hot Reads 
Driverless fire trucks spark parade confusion, near riot
Things turned ugly when no candy was dispersed by the slow-moving fire truck.
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