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Friday, January 29, 2016


Ben Meyer While this is an interesting study, it is like most studies on risk based activities, very incomplete. Risk based activities should be calculated by time of exposure, not by calendar shift schedules. How many hours does it take for the avg paramedic wi...See More
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Kevin Travis 2 EMS providers on an ambulance vs 3-6 firefighters on a truck + on scene EMS providers. Gotta wonder if crew size has to more to do with assault than job description.
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One reason the U.N. health agency may be examining the Zika virus so quickly is because WHO was criticized for its slow response to Ebola.
World Health Organization officials meet to decide if international health emergency should be declared.
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Lawrence Kreger
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Gabe A Smith hooray. another ebola overreaction!!!!
Gabriel M. Gillette I give up... who?
A.J. Heightman JEMS Editor-in-Chief is certainly getting around. See where our readers are taking EMS Today Conference & Expo's 'Flat AJ'
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