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Friday, January 29, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Australia's First Powerwall Home Batteries Are Already Installed In Western Sydney 

When Tesla’s Powerwall battery energy storage system was first announced, solar-friendly Australians went mad for it. A relatively cheap integrated system that could hook up to the grid and to rooftop solar panels, the Powerwall is one of the first widely-available technologies that could reduce users’ reliance on energy delivered via the national electricity grid. And now, one of the first Powerwall batteries to be installed in Australia is already bolted to the outside wall of a home in western Sydney.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Consults 'Fat Flush' Diet Quack About 'Mobile Phone Toxicity'  

Goop published an interview about “protecting yourself from wifi & mobile phone toxicity” yesterday with a nutritionist whose genre of “detoxification” diet advice has been called “tantamount to fraud” by an actual doctor.

English Is Surprisingly Devoid Of Emotionally Positive Words 

While investigating non-English words associated with positive emotions and concepts, a British researcher recently discovered 216 foreign words for which there is no English translation.

The Walking Dead Is Getting Another Board Game 

The world already has quite a few (and very good) zombie board games: Last Night on EarthDead of WinterZombicide… the list goes on. But if you officially slap “The Walking Dead” on a new miniatures game, the competition doesn’t matter, because it’s going to sell like hot, fleshy blood cakes. 

Why Bamboo Chopsticks Sound Like An Earthquake When They Break 

The sounds bamboo chopsticks emit when they’re snapped in half are remarkably similar to the laws that govern the magnitude and frequency of earthquakes. Such insights could one day help engineers determine more precisely when a bridge or dam, for instance, might be about to fail.

Gizmodo Movie Night: The 15 Best Animated Movies Streaming Right Now 

It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week we’re getting animated, bringing you worlds and stories only drawings and computer graphics could create.

Telstra's Turned On A Couple Of Solar-Powered Exchanges In Victoria 

While Telstra may be considered by some as the devil incarnate, the company is doing its part for the environment — it recently switched a couple of its metropolitan exchanges in Victoria over to solar power. Hey, it’s got to stoke the fires of the demonic telephone afterlife somehow. 

This Two-in-One Satellite Will Bring Us One Step Closer To Asteroid Mining 

Astronauts fired this small, rectangular hunk from the International Space Station today. The payload will separate into two autonomous satellites as part of a research program to take us one tiny step closer towards making asteroid mining a reality.

Who Knew A Spinning Tower Of Mirrors Could Be So Mesmerising? 

The definition of “art” might be incorporeal at best, but it’s easy enough to look at something and go “Yes, [object] is appealing to one/three/five of my sensory organs”. Firmly in this category is the “Babel Tower”, a spinning stack of mirrors created by artist Shirin Abedinirad. 

Here Is Every Single Movie Bill Clinton Watched In The White House 

“The best perk of the White House is not Air Force One or Camp David or anything else, it’s the wonderful movie theatre I get here,” President Bill Clinton told Roger Ebert in 1999.

This Cosmic Fart Cloud Is On A Collision Course With Our Galaxy 

The cosmos is littered with clouds of star-forming gas, but few are as well studied as the Smith Cloud, set to crash into our galaxy in 30 million years. God-fearing humans might ask: Where did this unholy dust ball come from, and why is it heading straight for us? Now, science has the answer.
It’s a giant galactic fart, expelled from the Milky Way 70 million years ago and back to bite us in the arse.
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