New Fire Fighters on Probation (FFOP's) for Boston and Quincy were sworn in yesterday morning after completing Drill School at Moon Island.. Welcome to the Best Job in the world!
Photo Credit Bill noonan fire fotos
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Paul Molkenbuhr
Paul Molkenbuhr I have already served 30 years and retired here in CA...but, if I could I would do another 30 with Boston FD! Great department!
Bluelinechallenge Congratulations and THANK YOU ALL for your service!
When he was 6, Boston firefighters rushed to his aid after a fire broke out in the Hyde Park home & when he was 7, Boston firefighters returned for a second fire at the home. Now, Marvin A. Alexander said, it’s his turn. “I just remember Boston fire coming in there and taking care of me and my mom in a time of need, It’s something I’ve always wanted to do".
Marvin A. Alexander and 49 other men were sworn in as the newest firefighters on Monday.
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Jack Meehan
Jack Meehan Almost time for the "fat lady to sing", Edso. Congratulations , my friend. You deserve all the success that your hard work and dedication has earned for you.
Fire stations in the city are crumbling and in “poor 
condition,” with some even lacking functional smoke 
detectors and carbon monoxide monitors, according to a…
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Coleman J. Clifford
Coleman J. Clifford Mayor Menino in fact did many good things for the city of Boston, but if you go back over the years it was obvious he had it out for the BFD and always played hard ball with them. How many times did you hear reports that the BFD couldn't get parts to e...See More
Gregg Marsh
Gregg Marsh Not working smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors is no ones fault but the stations. They didn't even know where they were. I can tell you where mine are and I haven't been in my house 1 year. BS to blame and tarnish the name of a man who gave his life to the city. He lived in that car and was a mayor of the people. RIP Mayor Menino.
Ed Walsh Foundation
Get your tickets today. A great event for the whole family to enjoy over the MLK weekend.
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Our own Boston Firefighters Credit Union taking care of our Veterans!
Looking into the credit profiles of the many veterans who were recently appointed to the Boston Fire Department, our credit union team we saw a common thread…
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Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (PFFM)
Retweeted Boston Fire Fighters (@LOCAL_718):
RIGHT NOW: @BostonFire Members operating at a 4 Alarm Fire at 130 Babson St. & a separate 1 Alarm Fire at 215 Dorchester St.
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Tammy N Chris Batchelder
Tammy N Chris Batchelder Busy day for Boston brothers . stay safe
3rd alarm on arrival by Deputy Chief Doherty. 550 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
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Kathleen Obrien Cunningham
Kathleen Obrien Cunningham The area there has great character !
Albert J. McGilvray
Albert J. McGilvray That's a nice apartment building. Hope everyone got out ok.
Boston Fire Fighters Local 718 IAFF
January 9, 2008, 21 year Veteran Fire Lieutenant Vincent P. Russell, Rescue Company 1, died as a result of injuries he received in the performance of his duties, while operating at the 2nd Alarm, Box 2-1275. WE NEVER FORGET.
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Boston Fire Fighters Local 718 IAFF
On January 9, 2009, highly decorated, 31 year Veteran Fire Lieutenant, Kevin M. Kelley of Ladder Company 26, died from injuries he received when the fire appar...
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Mark Cockren
Mark Cockren RIP LT. Kelley. You will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and the members of the Boston Fire department. Thank you for your service, dedication and sacrifice to the citizens of Boston. God bless LT.
Kathleen Sullivan Grassl
Kathleen Sullivan Grassl Rest in peace Kevin...Your courage will always be remembered....May God bless your family and friends......
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Ann Swanson
Ann Swanson TU for posting & sharing these photo's. Mike was a close and very important friend of my brother, Stretch and I appreciate seeing the wonderful tribute to him.
Larry Flynn
Larry Flynn So sorry to hear about the passing of a Nother Boston firefighter and prayers go out to the family and friends and his fellow brothers and sisters