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Sunday, January 31, 2016

First Snowfall of 2016- Eve of Martin Luther King Day--A Pretty Sight Indeed

 Looking back at the first snowball of 2016..brings delight to many... such as this little girl on Columbus Avenue scrapes together enough..

I had walked out into my courtyard to find it was indeed snowing and had been for a little while..

Of course, it changed everything right away...on the video you can see the swirling flakes..

And you hear the distinctive siren and horn from FDNY firehouse Eng76 L22 as they pass not so far away, as you would on any other night so many times...( rare you DON'T hear them at some point if you are out and about)

Passing by a Pet Care shop on Columbus Avenue, this little dog seems to feel abandoned inside...While people take the light snow in stride on Columbus Court below ..

We hear Celtic music from the highlands of Scotland perhaps..minor key but not mournful and with an actually pretty pleasing lilt to it..just as the mood of many seems to be that any inconvenience caused by the first snowfall of the year is worth it at this point...especially for the kids who will soon have enough to make little snowmen... the first and last until the Big 

Blizzard comes a good time later..

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