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Saturday, January 30, 2016

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DeltaWing and DHX to shrink electric vehicle motors without compromising power
DeltaWing Technology Group and DHX Electric Machines are collaborating to build small, lightweight electric motors for automotive applications. The electric motors are 75 percent smaller than equivalent-output motors for automotive applications thanks to engineering improvements in heat management.  read more
Wild horses: Coming to grips with the 2016 Mustang range
Even icons need to change and evolve with the times. For Ford, that meant turning to EcoBoost power and (finally) dropping the live rear end for a fully independent setup on its Mustang. But has it worked, and is it sacrilege to stick a Mustang badge on a turbocharged four-cylinder car?   read more
Video Review: Stealth H-52 electric bike eats up tight trails
Stealth Electric Bikes makes some of the baddest e-bikes around, but what happens when you replace the pedals with dirtbike-style pegs? We climbed aboard Stealth's H-52 model to find out.  read more
FarmedHere has high ambitions with new 60,000 sq ft vertical farm
The US city of Louisville, KY, is set to become home to a major new vertical farm. The FarmedHere facility will be part of the new 24-ac (9.7-ha) West Louisville FoodPort that will be home to a community of food-related businesses. It will grow microgreens, herbs and vegetables.  read more
Akai Pro responds to market demand with hybrid turntable
Singapore-based Akai Professional is looking to tap into a growing market for vinyl records with a stylish new turntable named the BT-500 that's said to offer "no-compromise audiophile performance," together with analog-to-digital conversion and wireless streaming capabilities.  read more
Multi-functional space-saving loft squeezed into small San Francisco condo
If you don't have a lot of space with which to work when designing an apartment, you have to be creative. Architecture firm ICOSA has certainly done that with its Domino Loft. A multi-functional space in a small condo combines a bedroom, a guest bed, a dining space, a work area and a closet.  read more
Runtimate magnetic running belt keeps your gear secure
Keeping light and comfortable during a run and carrying a bunch of personal belongings are diametrically opposed concepts. Italian startup Runtimate uses the power of magnets to create a gear-carrying belt it believes will harmonize them.   read more
Lightweight coat doubles as a tent/sleeping bag for Syrian refugees
To address the need for shelter by fleeing Syrian refugees, students at the Royal College of Art in London have created a jacket that doubles as a sleeping bag or tent.​  read more
New pain-relief drug shapes as less addictive alternative to morphine
​Opiates have brought pain relief to humankind for hundreds of years, but they don't come without their consequences, namely the risk of addiction. Researchers have now developed a new painkiller they claim to be as strong as morphine, but without much of this unwanted baggage.​  read more
Mitsubishi's SeaAerial turns fountains into antennae
On Thursday, the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation unveiled its SeaAerial, which uses a column of seawater sprayed into the air to create a radio transceiver antenna.  read more
Elibriea looks to move fighter jet-like sports car out of the ether
The Middle East has seen a lot of automotive commotion of late, most of it from the United Arab Emirates. A new potential player has now emerged from neighboring Qatar, launching a radical sports car concept that looks like a four-wheeled Stealth Bomber.  read more
Samsung Galaxy TabPro S vs. Microsoft Surface Book
With the new Galaxy TabPro S, Samsung is throwing itself into the Windows 2-in-1 game ruled by the Surface. Let's see how the TabPro S compares to the larger of Microsoft's current flagships, the Surface Book.  read more
Natural food additive found to block skin cancer cells in mice
Scientists have identified a compound found in natural food additive annatto that prevents the formation of cancer cells resulting from UV radiation in mice, with the researchers now exploring whether annatto-rich diets can prevent similar sun damage in humans. ​​ read more
Review: Laying down some beats with BeatBuddy's baby brother
More than a year after the release of the excellent BeatBuddy drum machine/pedal, the team at Singular Sound has announced the arrival of a baby brother: the BeatBuddy Mini. Gizmag has been putting the new device through its paces for the past few weeks, so read on for our impressions.   read more
Proximity Hat presses users' heads to guide them
We've already seen a number of systems designed to alert blind users to objects in their path, using cues such as audio tones or vibrations. The "Proximity Hat," however, applies pressure to the wearer's head, in the direction of the obstacle.​  read more
SpaceX completes Crew Dragon parachute test
​SpaceX has successfully carried out a drop test for the four main parachutes that will form the principal stage of the Crew Dragon's descent system.  read more
New catalyst could replace platinum in cheaper fuel cells
A more cost-effective fuel cell catalyst material consisting of iron-nitrogen complexes embedded in tiny islands of graphene could be used in place of platinum. Research by teams at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and TU Darmstadt have produced the catalyst material with comparable efficiency returns.  read more
Personal posture coach gently nudges to mollify neck pain
Those looking for a way to improve posture and alleviate muscle stiffness can opt for the latest wearable instead of extensive yoga classes – the Alex posture tracker is designed to rest against the back of one's neck, vibrating when the head leans too far forward for too long.  read more
The Whip FR-II could be that "stealth snowboard" you've been seeking
The new carbon composite The Whip FR-II snowboard looks decidedly more high-tech than others. It's claimed to offer several advantages over conventional boards – besides looking like something that Batman would take to the slopes.​  read more
Oculus Rift vs. Samsung Gear VR
After two rounds of developer kits for both devices, the consumer versions of the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR are either here (Gear) or almost here (Rift). Sounds like a good time to compare the two Oculus VR headsets' features and specs.  read more
Folding, modular rotor blades designed for giant wind turbines
Sandia National Laboratories has revealed its plans for the extreme-scale Segmented Ultralight Morphing Rotor (SUMR). The turbines are built to deal with the extreme conditions of an offshore farm, featuring a folding build to cope with high winds.  read more
Snorkel Dive keeps young divers on a safety leash
While simply gearing up and jumping into the water may be one way for kids to learn to scuba dive, Snorkel Dive Innovations believes there's a safer method. Its patent-pending approach incorporates a tethered system with adjustable depth limits of from 0 to 6 meters (20 feet). read more
Gene-editing tool may prevent blindness
A team of researchers is working to turn the powerful CRISPR gene-editing tool towards treating a serious eye disease. Early results are promising, with the team successfully correcting the mutation that causes the condition in cells outside the body.  read more
TheOUTlet pops the need for power strips
The proliferation of electrical devices means that plug sockets are in increasing demand. Socket splitters and power strips can be used to solve this problem, but can be bulky and unsightly. An innovative socket design called theOUTlet, however, provides more socket space at the push of a button.  read more
This self-filling water bottle is the ultimate in vaporware
Austrian startup Fontus is developing a novel water bottle that is vaporware in just about every sense of the phrase. Not only does it not yet exist in the marketplace, but it is claimed to literally pull water vapor out of the air to fill itself.  read more
Vauxhall's sleek GT Concept draws on the past for a vision of the future
Vauxhall and Opel have revealed their vision of the sports car of the future. The GT Concept has ultra-sleek black and grey styling, with red highlights. Despite its forward-thinking design, it draws inspiration from the 1966 Vauxhall XVR and the 1965 Opel Experimental GT.  read more
Lean, green and easy to clean: Mills, the toy management house
Austin Maynard Architects (formerly named Andrew Maynard Architects) recently completed Mills, the toy management house. It's an extension to a small terrace that focuses on adding storage space, sustainable features, and a strong sense of fun.   read more
In pictures: The best tech toys from London Toy Fair 2016
We recently spent some time walking the halls of London Toy Fair. Here’s our round-up the major tech trends at the show, and a look at our pick of the best new tech toys for 2016.  read more
Nissan's new X-Trail has steel runners instead of wheels
Nissan has taken a break from car-making to build what it says is the world's first seven-seater bobsleigh. The company says the X-Trail Bobsleigh draws on the design and technology of its X-Trail crossover vehicle. read more
Fi70 Bluetooth speaker looks like it's missing a mini TV
There's no shortage of Bluetooth speakers jostling for a place in your shopping cart. Fluance is hoping to catch your eye with the unusual looks of the Fi70, and please your ear with a 3-way driver system powered by a 280 W integrated amplifier.  read more
Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone fits in the Palm of Your Hand — Half Price
Why fly solo when you can travel in a pack? This multi-talented Nano Drone has eight frequency points so it won’t disturb or crash into its fellow aerial vehicles. It’s super sensitive to throttle, aka super fun to fly, and it zips around tight spaces with precision. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this tiny drone will never miss a shot at an adventure.  read more