Occupants in stacked vehicles are a challenge for extrication and stabilization. Rescue Methods' Dalan Zartman shows you how to do it safely:
Watch this video and others like it on FlashoverTV.com.
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William Lee Ainsworth
William Lee Ainsworth Been there, done that!
Who do you think should have authority?
Fire dangers are one reason lawmakers may give local authorities power to restrict the governor's blanket law allowing fireworks use.
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Sally Lowe
Sally Lowe Fire works should be banned unless its raining season!
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller The fire chief of course.?
ICYMI: What do you think of the new system?
The Automist, which is installed on the walls of a home, only sprays water directly at a fire; it better protects homes from water damage.
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The driver said he was caught off guard by hot coffee he was drinking.
The truck repair company employee was returning the truck to the fire department when he plowed into a fast food restaurant.
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Beau Adams
Beau Adams Lol!! All I can say is that this dairy queen belongs to the father of one of our Driver/EMT firefighters.. The mechanic driving that engine changed his story multiple times. First saying the steering locked up to this. So very sad.
25 hrs
Steve Denny
Steve Denny For what reason was the driver, a maintenance person, doing drinking coffee while driving the apparatus back? That is totally unacceptable. Fortunately there were no major injuries or fatalities.
136 hrs
Rest easy, Chief. We'll take it from here.
Ed Dulaney, 73, was one of the founders of the Waltonville Fire Protection District and served as fire chief for 40 years.
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Marcus E Ford
Marcus E Ford Job well done Brother, take your place of honor with all those who have gone before you. May your eternal watch be ever vigilant over those who will carry your torch.
Crystal King
Crystal King let the youner ones take your place rest in peace. my husband is 69 years old is still going strong on our department.
24 hrs
Taming the beast. (Photo courtesy of Morné van Zyl)
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Dennis Lynch
Dennis Lynch Michael, I think you may have found your calling.
Joseph Benson
Joseph Benson Bring on the big water!!!
Panthers or Broncos?
The losing Denver will have to fly the winning Denver's flag off the back of their rig for a week.
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Jamie Gaddy
Jamie Gaddy West coast we r coming.carolina pride.here come the east coast.go panthers. Ill make a bet since it the 50thi superbowl fire dept to fire dept. Let show the young genration,that we are all family. If you bet on broncos to win and they. loose 50 push up...See More
121 hrs
Ron Tarolla
Ron Tarolla Broncos! CAM about to get a reality check with the #1 DEFENSE in the league.
121 hrs
ICYMI: A fire captain and fire dept. employee claimed an officer was unprofessional and disrespectful during a traffic stop. They recanted their report after being shown this body camera footage:
The internal investigation could lead to a criminal investigation.
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Joe Smith
Joe Smith No pay and no pension
Fire them then arrest them
They should serve time for this ...See More
Hofbauer R Charles
Hofbauer R Charles It's in their best interest that both immediately resign their positions, or, face the chance that they will be fired...
I am NOT in favor of in-house suspension, demotion, or paid suspension...
123 hrs
What might be the best solution?
Researchers found that assault-related injuries are often not reported, not acknowledged by officials and internalized as a "part of the job."
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Charlie Puckett
Charlie Puckett Our uniforms look just like police officers. We have to constantly remind people that we are the fire department. In the Life Safety Initiatives this is one of those that can reduce firefighter injuries and death.
Phoenix Magdaleno
Phoenix Magdaleno Where I live, 5 police officers arrive for a basic medical assist. I know other cities officers probably have a lot more to do, but there is always an officer available who wants to see some action.
ICYMI: Does your department wear vests? If not, are you looking into it?
They were already planning on the purchase but the shooting death of Lt. Jason Adams accelerated the purchase.
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Chelsey Sean Stephens
Chelsey Sean Stephens The thing with vests is you will be targeted especially if they are exposed, why bring a shield to a gun fight. The question of should at least one on the rig be able to conceal carry
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker Yes we have them but the question still remains. When to wear them,.. The firefighter that was shot was on scene of a basic run of the mill medical call. You never know when it may happen and we can't just wear a vest around all day like cops.
The hose at one point tangles itself in the firefighter's legs, causing him to fall to the ground. Watch the video here:
The video shows the firefighter in an apparent training exercise trying to gain control of a fire hose.
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Angela Volk
Angela Volk It's a training exercise. It's to show how NOT to catch a hose. We were doing pump testing when one of our nozzles broke and started flying everywhere, and one of our new ff's jumped on the hose and held it down till the water was turned off. And yes while someone can get hurt, it's still funny to see.
Christian Kehl
Christian Kehl If you think this is funny you definitely do not need to be training firefighters. It is only sheer luck that this FF was not hurt. We train like we work, not for comedic effect. The officers of this department need to rethink thier safety program as well as the training program if they think this is the way to do things. It is the job of officers and senior FF to protect and train new personnel correctly.
The families of those killed in the line of duty will get $80,000 and free tuition to state universities.
It's named the Mackey Act to honor paramedic John Mackey, who was hit and killed by a car in November while responding to a call.
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Jeannie Fiedler
Jeannie Fiedler Is that in addition to their life ins? $80,000 is not much to help a family regroup and try to start a new way of life. It's not like you wake up the next day, jump out of bed and hit the highway running. You are in a stupor for months and months on end, trying