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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New Atlas

We take a first look at the entry-level version of the new MacBook Pro, which skips the strip of touchscreen.   Read more
PowerUp's latest FPV paper airplane drone looks to double-down on the experience with dual propellers and a video camera. We’ve recently spent some cockpit time to see how far these wings could spread.​  Read more
There are a variety of ways to combat blue light including apps, screen filters and phone settings, such as Apple's "night shift" mode. We recently had a chance to try one of them in the form of a pair of eye glasses from GlassesUSA kitted out with the company's exclusive "digital block lenses."   Read more
iOS 10, Apple's latest mobile software, rolled out last month. Like past Apple updates, it mostly maintains the previous operating system's clean-and-cool exterior, but packs in new features that are not always immediately apparent. Here's a primer on how to harness the useful new tools in iOS 10.   Read more
Having set out a snooze-worthy pair of concepts in the leadup to SEMA, Chevrolet has finally found its mojo. The Colorado Z71 Hurley Concept has been designed with surfers in mind, and uses a clever bed liner to deal with all the wet, salty gear you could possibly throw at it.   Read more
Feeding on a persistently growing global trend, Intermot Customized has evolved to a show-in-show, cementing its place among the biggest custom exhibitions in Europe with more than 100 custom builders filling a dedicated hall with motorcycle adaptations of their wildest dreams.   Read more
​The strength of spinach isn't only in its nutrients, but also in its ability to be hacked to function as a sensor able to detect things like explosives, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Read more
Soon you may no longer have to choose between better-tasting and better-for-you. Scientists have developed a method of boosting the antioxidant levels of milk chocolate up to those of its dark counterpart, while also putting a waste product to new use.​   Read more
​An American startup is looking to turn seawater into drinking water using only the motion of the ocean.   Read more
The inaugural SMUD Tiny House Competition recently took place in Sacramento, California. Santa Clara University won out of a total of 10 Californian college teams with its novel solar-powered home which automatically rotates on a sun-tracking platform to ensure it receives the most rays possible.   Read more
Visitors to West Palm Beach's Currie Park in Florida will soon be able to stroll around a plaza that's home to a restaurant, an auditorium, decorative water pools and hydroponically-grown greenery. What makes it unique, though, is that it will be floating off the coast using submarine technology.  Read more
​Formula E might be making headlines at the moment, but it's not the only race series to back batteries. Red Bull Global Rallycross, a fast-growing race series held in stadiums around the world and headed by big names like Tanner Foust, has committed to offering an all-electric series in 2018.  Read more
To try and make up for dehumanizing modern music by creating the LM1 drum machine in the 1980s, Roger Linn developed the an expressive interface called the LinnStrument. Now the electronic instrument designer has created a smaller and more affordable version called the LinnStrument 128.​   Read more
Toyota has unveiled a new device aimed at allowing anyone to share their car. The Smart Key Box can be installed in a vehicle so as to provide access to people via their smartphones.   Read more
A Dutch royal palace is set to be given a new purpose in one of three unique ways. Soestdijk Palace was built in the 17th century and was most recently home to Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard until their deaths. It will now become an experimental garden, an innovation lab or a public park.   Read more
"Capture awesome photo and video anywhere with your smartphone thanks to the ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod. It's easy to set up anywhere; on the couch, on your dashboard, or even on uneven surfaces like rocks out in nature. The flexible legs also allow you to wrap the mount around a streetlamp or tree to get even more dynamic shots!   Read more