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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Atlas

The designer of the cliff-hanging Casa Brutale has unveiled his latest luxury home proposal. Villa Clessidra would boast a unique interior layout that involves its entire second floor being given over to a glass-encased swimming pool.   Read more
Here's how Amazon and Google's voice-based virtual assistants compare when we put some slightly goofy questions to them, along with our pick of which one we'd rather hang with at a party.   Read more
​Ford was one of the first to get on board the compact four-wheel bandwagon, but its first attempt at the wasn't successful. It wasn't pretty on the outside and felt cheap on the inside, especially compared to excellent cars like the Mazda CX-3. Finally, Ford has given the EcoSport a refresh.  Read more
Recently, a geneticist was mysteriously abducted in Washington DC, leading to the US government deploying a small army of detectives to foil a dirty bomb plot. At least, that was the fictional scenario of a DARPA field test of the SIGMA project developing technology to combat nuclear terrorism.  Read more
From a jagged low-res jpeg to a sharper, larger image file, Google researchers have found a way to use machine learning to upscale images to higher resolutions at lightning speed, and it works so fast it could one day be built into your smartphone.  Read more
The 2016 Paris Motor Show will be remembered as the time big car manufacturers flicked the switch and committed to electric mobility. Now, Jaguar has decided to get in on the act with the I-Pace Concept.   Read more
A new study from Caltech suggests a way to control bacteria created to fight cancer or disease, by manipulating the temperature around them to trigger when and where they release medicine, and when they might need to self-destruct.   Read more
It's quiet… Too quiet. Although the silky near-silence of an EV in motion is usually a good thing, the NHTSA has announced a new safety standard, that would require new hybrid and electric vehicles to emit warning sounds to alert pedestrians, particularly the visually impaired, to their presence.   Read more
The Brutale 800 was MV Agusta's hottest-selling bike this year - and now the Italians have released a RR version with a lot more horsepower, as well as upgraded electronics, suspension and lightweight wheels. Get into the gallery and drool over this exquisite piece of high-octane butt jewelry.   Read more
A silicon valley startup wants you to have one less charger in your life thanks to its exercise-tracking smartwatch design that allows a wearable device to be powered via the user's own body heat.   Read more
Somewhere between motorcycle and electric-assist bicycle lurks what we've come to call the electric superbicycle, your Stealth B52, Greyp G12S and Trefecta DRT. The all-new Neematic FR/1 is more powerful than all of those models, further blurring the line between e-bike and motorbike.   Read more
​Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of arrhythmia and left unchecked, it can potentially cause strokes. Ordinarily, it's detected by hooking the patient up to an electrocardiogram (ECG). Now, however, an app has been developed that does the same job.   Read more
​Some magnetic particles take on certain attributes when they come in small enough packages, and scientists have now found a way to scale up these particles while retaining their desirable magnetic properties, making it possible to commandeer them for the purposes of life-saving drug delivery.  Read more
​Because diabetics often lack feeling in their feet, it is vitally important that they have footwear that fits. That's why they frequently get custom orthopedic insoles made for their shoes. Now, it's looking like 3D printing could make those insoles even better.   Read more
​When Solar Impulse completed its solar-powered flight around the world, it was more than just a stunt … it was a way of showing how clean tech can be put to practical use. Now, Solar Impulse has taken another step in that direction, by announcing its World Alliance for Clean Technologies.   Read more
​​With the rise of mobile technologies comes a need for mobile power sources, and scientists are now claiming another step forward in the form of solar-energy-storing filaments that could one day lace power-generating outerwear for soldiers in the battlefield.​   Read more
Apple launched its latest iPad​ in March, its newest iPhones​ in September and its updated MacBook Pro​ is rolling out now. Tomorrow the company ventures into a product category previously dominated by historical photos, Norman Rockwell paintings and precocious pets.   Read more
​Twice a year, the Top500 list outlines the world’s most powerful supercomputers, and the US has always held the most units in that list until it was beaten by China in June. With the latest rankings this week, the US and China are now tied for 171 systems each within the top 500.   Read more
Unveiled at Automobility LA, Volkswagen's Passat GT concept brings together blacked trim elements, a lower stance, and a muscular V6 to propose a more aggressive-looking sports sedan for the North American market.   Read more
The "deliberately extravagant" Excalibur Quatuor Cobalt MicroMelt wristwatch not only has a quadruple spring balance to overcome the effects of gravity, but a cobalt chrome casing that the maker claims is a horological first.   Read more
Built with 40mm drivers, powerful circuitry, and anti-vibration aluminum for a power-backed soundstage, the A-Audio Legacy Over-Ear Headphones provide an unrivaled listening experience to connoisseurs of sound. Incorporating patented 3-Stage Technology, the Legacy allows a user to switch between passive audio, bass enhanced, and active noise cancellation modes to curate the best experience for the moment.   Read more