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Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Atlas

When we first took a look at the Divergent 3D Blade, world's first 3D-printed supercar, we really weren't all that sure we'd hear about it again. We have. Divergent 3D is back at the LA Auto Show, detailing the latest version of its car and 3D printing technology.   Read more
New Atlas hands out awards for the best VR headsets of 2016.   Read more
The SS model comes with a muscular V8 that is very similar to that powering the Corvette, but which is surprisingly fuel efficient in the Camaro. Add in some excellent design for the new Camaro’s look and a fresh new interior and, well, you have a serious contender in the pony car field.   Read more
Apple has reinvented the laptop yet again. Or at least that's what its marketing will tell you, as it plugs its 2016 MacBook Pro for holiday shoppers. But is the new strip of screen a game-changer? And does any of this justify a starting price that's approaching US$2,000?   Read more
French startup Agricool believes the fruit flown around the world and stacked onto supermarkets shelves ain't what it used to be, so it has hatched a plan to recapture the authentic flavors of yesterday's fresh produce.   Read more
MIT researchers have created artificial muscles using simple re-purposed nylon filament. The new flexing material has potential in everything from robotics and artificial limbs to powered flexible components for use in the automobile and aviation industries.   Read more
Durango, Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses has form for building towable tiny houses that offer enough space for a small family. The firm's latest build is the largest towable tiny house we've ever covered.   Read more
​Three jetmen have taken to the skies of southern France to join the Patrouille de France aerobatic demonstration team for a "world's first" formation flight. The breathtaking aerial performance was captured on film by Airborne Films and can be seen in the video after the jump.   Read more
It seems like almost every toy now comes with a companion app. So, unless you like never seeing your smartphone, or enjoy having your tablet battery drained, it might be time your kid had a tablet of their own. Here we look at some of the best tablets for children available in 2016.   Read more
​Wind farmers may soon be using swarms of drones to solve the headache of downstream wind turbulence and identify the most efficient places to plant wind turbines, thanks to a team of researchers from Switzerland.   Read more
Researchers at EPFL looked at the idea of car-free cities and concluded that Jetson-style moving walkways could not only replace the car, but could each carry 7,000 passengers an hour more energy efficiently than buses.   Read more
In anticipation of the holiday season, Ford and Fisher-Price have revealed what they call the most advanced Power Wheels ever, a mini-Mustang that's sure to drive its way onto many a child's wish list.   Read more
​One of the more likely doomsday scenarios may be a future where our antibiotics become useless against a rising tide of “superbugs.” According to new research, predatory bacteria could be injected into the body to work with the immune system in hunting down harmful, antibiotic-resistant bugs.   Read more
These numbers should make your arm hairs stand up: 180 horsepower, 140 kilograms (309lbs) wet without fuel, In a street-legal sportsbike. Let that sink in. New British company Spirit Motorcycles has just unveiled what it believes is the closest thing possible to a Moto2 bike with headlights.   Read more
​ESA has identified the malfunction that made the unmanned Schiaparelli Mars lander crash and explode on the surface of the Red Planet. According to the space agency, it was due to the navigation system being overloaded.   Read more
The Kwiggle Bike, which first caught our eye back in 2013, still appears to be in line for the title of most compact folding bike out there, and after an additional three years of development and tweaking, it’s finally heading for Kickstarter.   Read more
Researchers at OSU are working on a way to restore movement to paralyzed patients by means of tiny arrays of implantable electrodes. The team has demonstrated the electrodes' potential in a cat, which provides hope not only for those with spinal cord injuries, but also people with prosthetic limbs.   Read more
A novel study has found success in using the extracellular matrices in zebrafish to jumpstart mammalian cardiac tissue regeneration, possibly bringing science closer to fixing a "broken heart.​"   Read more
​​While they're certainly not common, we have seen two-wheeled skateboards before. So, what does a company do if it wants its two-wheeler to stand out? Well, it could always add an electric motor, which is just what China's Yiimix has done with the Yiiboard.​   Read more
From temporary tattoos that track your blood alcohol level, to a paper skin that responds to stimuli, it's no stretch to realize that flexible electronics will be a big part of technology going forward. Adding yet another option to this field is a clear, conductive film made by mini jet engines.  Read more
Cleaning up toxic explosives at military training grounds can be very expensive using conventional methods, so scientists at the University of Washington and the University of York have developed an alternative – they've created transgenic grass that "eats" those explosives.​  Read more
​When you're in the midst of a workout, it can be hard to know when you need to drink more water or replenish electrolytes. That's part of the reason why an international team of scientists has created a skin patch that tells you.   Read more
The mySmartCane system is the latest modern-day take on a centuries-old mobility aid, consisting of a ball that can be retrofitted to existing canes to equip them with parking sensor-like technology and give users a better sense of their surroundings.   Read more
We've covered a lot of residential architecture from Australia and some of the most interesting has involved the renovation or replacement of aging weatherboard homes. This is also the case with the Acute House, a wedge-shaped family home squeezed into an awkward triangular plot in Melbourne.   Read more
​​NASA's Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission will be the first global survey of the Earth's surface water. The space agency has just announced that the satellite it will use to carry out the measurements will be hitching a ride on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, set to launch in April 2021. ​   Read more
Lotus has unveiled what it says is the fastest Exige it has ever made. The top-of-the-range Exige Sport 380 will hit 60 mph from a standstill in just 3.5 seconds and maxes out at 178 mph. It has been designed to compete with what Lotus terms "six-figure supercars."   Read more
Ground has been broken on a new proving facility for connected and autonomous vehicles and mobility solutions. The American Center for Mobility is designed for research, education, testing, standards-convening, product development, validation and self-certification of future transportation tech.   Read more
You can never have enough Lightning cables to keep all of your Apple devices charged, and with these 10-ft, MFi-certified monster cables, you'll have more flexibility than ever. Keep a cable at your office, in your bag, by your bed, or anywhere you might need to grab a quick charge. When it says MFi-certified, you know these cables are guaranteed to work perfectly with your Apple devices.   Read more