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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Fire Critic with Rhett Fleitz

100+ Must Read Books For Firefighters

Ok, I admit that I haven't read them all....and some are picture books, others fiction, and yet some are simply leadership books and are not catered towards firefighters. However, this list of books includes many which are revered as the most important for firefighters to read and others are personal favorites of myself and other readers.
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The Best Firefighter Calendars for 2017

Each year, firefighters around the World get together to publish firefighter calendars. One thing can be said about these firefighters...they do a great job of taking care of themselves and should be commended for it. More than that, they are doing a great benefit to the fire service by supporting others through charity.
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The Cleveland Load (5 Videos)

The Cleveland load (aka Metro load or Roundabout load) is handline load primarily used for high-rise applications from what I have found. Other applications would be when deploying a handline not pre-connected to the engine.
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Roanoke 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

However, to me it isn't that you climb or even how you is that you take the time to remember...take the time to share with younger firefighters, friends, and family about the sacrifices made on that day. 
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Helmet Cam Video From Mothers Day 2016

helmet cam fire 4
Here is a helmet cam and multiple pictures of the Sample Street fire on Mothers Day 2016 in Millvale that destroyed multiple houses. This video shows you what firefighters face during a structural fire and shows how rapidly a fire can progress and extend to exposure buildings. It also shows what the conditions are inside of a burning building and can give you an inside perspective of a fire.
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