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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Atlas

DJI has just announced its new Phantom 4 Pro, a new top of the line prosumer camera drone that now includes multi-drectional obstacle avoidance, a totally revamped 4K/60fps camera, and a built-in touchscreen that's twice as bright as your mobile phone for outdoor use.   Read more
The Martian VR Experience is 20th Century Fox's first foray into the new VR market and the result is a frustratingly unexciting and overpriced experience that holds several lessons for all involved in developing content for this new medium.   Read more
UK-based headphone maker Even has found a unique way to be heard in a crowded marketplace. Its headphones allow users to receive a customized "earprint" that tailors the sound to the way in which they hear. We took them for a sonic spin.   Read more
We review Google Daydream View, an ultra-sleek mobile VR headset that doesn't yet have much content.   Read more
Some buildings are so big it feels like you could walk around them for ever. At the Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza in China, though, you really will be able to. Not only does the building cover 167,000 sq m (1.8 million sq ft), but it's designed as a series of infinity rings.   Read more
McLaren Special Operations has unveiled plans for a three-seat successor to the legendary F1. Details about the BP23 Hyper-GT are scarce at the moment, but McLaren has let enough tiny morsels of information slip for us to know it will be something seriously special.   Read more
Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses' latest project, the aptly-named Rusted Mountain Roost, stands out from the crowd with its distinctive rusty siding. The 312 sq ft (28.9 sq m) towable home also has a somewhat different interior layout that provides a bedroom you can actually stand up in.   Read more
Back in 2014, Chevrolet unveiled the Colorado ZR2 Concept. It looked production ready, and company execs said they'd gauge interest and think about building it. It would appear the public has spoken, because Chevy has pulled through and unveiled the production ZR2 after two years of thinking.  Read more
Poland's Game Over Cycles has modified a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 to include a host of parts influenced by music and music gear. The Cafe Racer was created for the Hard Rock Cafe Kraków and "shows just what happens when the motorcycle world and the music world collide."   Read more
Having pulled back the curtain on the CX-9 at the Los Angeles Motor Show last year, Mazda has used this year's show to unveil another four-wheel drive. Although it's smaller than the CX-9, Mazda has given the new CX-5 the same dashing good looks and sumptuous cabin.   Read more
As cities look for ways to source renewable energy, cleanly charge electric vehicles and provide fast, ubiquitous communication networks, New York-based startup Totem has developed something called the Totem to deliver all three. What's more, it looks pretty good too.   Read more
Alaska Airlines has flown a number of commercial passengers across the United States, fueled by woody biomass. ​  Read more
The powerful gene-editing CRISPR-Cas9 technique is being used in human trials for the first time, with a team of Chinese scientists​ injecting CRISPR​-edited cells into a patient suffering from lung cancer.   Read more
Aviation startup Boom Technology has today announced Baby Boom - a one-third scale prototype of the company's planned passenger liner designed to test the technologies for 21st century commercial supersonic flight.   Read more
​Are you one of those people who like the idea of a motorcycle, but aren't comfortable with the whole "keeping your balance" thing? If you are, then Thrustcycle Enterprises' self-balancing GyroCycle may be for you.   Read more
By analyzing the molecular traces left behind on smartphone displays, scientists have worked out a way to paint pictures of user lifestyles – information that may one day help crime scene investigators close in on a suspect.​​​   Read more
HES Energy Systems raised a few eyebrows when it announced a fuel cell-powered quadcopter that could potentially stay airborne for four hours. While we're waiting to see how that one turns out, the company has in the meantime unveiled a new fixed-wing drone that's impressive in its own right.   Read more
Recent studies have shown that it is possible to reverse diabetes by targeting the fat in the pancreas or embarking on a low-calorie diet. Now, scientists at Kumamoto University have added another potential solution to the list: a wearable device that helps boost fat loss in obese patients.   Read more
​A new and improved OnePlus 3 has just been announced, but don’t write it off as a mid-cycle money grab. The new OnePlus 3T​ makes incremental improvements where it counts.   Read more
​Nissan has unveiled a new NISMO-tuned model, this time with the popular Sentra compact sedan as its core. With 58 more horsepower, a more aggressive outward appearance, and a completely retuned chassis, the Sentra NISMO brings the in-house tuning brand to the mainstream.  Read more
WorldViz, a behind-the-scenes virtual reality company that’s been working on large-scale VR solutions for enterprise and industry, just announced its new platform for business communication. The so-called project “Skofield” allows remote users to make cross-platform presentations in VR.  Read more
Lately, we're beginning to see how flying robots can play a role in dangerous scenarios, the latest example being a laser-equipped drone that can detect explosives and chemical compounds from above.​  Read more
The roll-out of electric vehicle fast charging facilities in the US is gathering pace. Earlier this month, the White House revealed details of 48 charging corridors that will run along 55 interstate highways, while work has also now started on the DriveTheArc corridor in Northern California.   Read more
Various kinds of repeaters and mesh networks are available to patch gaps in Wi-Fi​ coverage throughout your home, and back in October Google announced its intention to stick a finger in that pie with Google Wi-Fi.   Read more
For nearly two years, a dashboard-mounted glowing moustache has helped Lyft users identify the service's cars. The problem is, this doesn't help identify whether it's your Lyft car. Enter the Amp: a new LED light that will display different colors and messages to help Lyft users spot their ride.   Read more
Microsoft Project, Excel, & PowerPoint. These are some of the most commonly-used softwares in business, and ones that your career would thank you for learning. This 5-course, 62.5-hour bundle will introduce you to these important products, including the newest versions for 2016.   Read more