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Friday, August 5, 2016

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Turkey spars with Austria over racism claims
Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Foreign Minister of Turkey. Photo: Mohammad Hassanzadeh/Wikimedia
Turkey's top diplomat escalated on Friday a war of words with Austria, calling it the "capital of radical racism" after Vienna urged an end to Ankara's EU membership talks. 
Woman uses car wash to clean inside her vehicle
Photo: Youtube/Meanwhile in Austria
A woman in Austria uses a high-pressure steam cleaner to wash the interior of her car. 4 comments
    10 pieces of Austrian slang you'll never learn in class
    "Die Party war ur leiwand" and other useful phrases. Photo: Creative Commons/Jacek Becela
    Not likely to be taught in class, these German and Austrian slang words are handy to have up your sleeve if you want to blend in with locals. 
    Police identify mystery body found on Austrian road
    My Friend/Wikimedia
    A mystery woman who was found dead on a motorway in Austria has been identified as a Ukrainian citizen after her passport was discovered in the area. 
    Vienna church furious over 'devil' pokemon
    Photo: St Nicholas Cathedral 
    A russian-orthodox church in Vienna files an official complaint with the makers of Pokemon Go over devil pokemon. 
      Drug dealer makes off with €100K of Austrian police cash
      Creative Commons/FuFu Wolf
      A drug dealer in Austria made off with over €100,000 of police money during an embarrassing undercover operation botch up in which officers failed to seize the suspect. 
      Juncker: Closing EU door to Turkey 'serious mistake'
      Photo: European Commission
      European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker rejected Austria's call for the EU to end membership talks with Turkey on Thursday, warning that it would be a grave error.  
      'Terror threats' against Austrian police stations
      Photo: Paul Gillingwater
      Austrian authorities said they increased security measures after receiving emailed "terror threats" towards police stations but added there was "no need to panic". 
      Chilly weather to hit areas of Austria
      Recent hailstones in Austria. Photo: FF Ludersdorf
      A cold weather front is set to sweep Austria in the coming days with heavy rainfall expected in the mountainous western region and storms in the south. 
      How could collapse of Turkey migrant deal affect Austria?
      Minister-president Rutte/Wikimedia
      With Austria one of the centres of the refugee and migrant crisis last year, how might the collapse of the migrant deal with Turkey affect the country? 
      Sweet expectations fulfilled with strawberry cakes
      Members of the cake jury. Photo: Patrick Sabo
      Ever wondered who makes the best strawberry cake in Vienna? Yelp, the online local business guide ran a contest on Wednesday for 13 products from nine different bakers, with a 30-person judging panel, and decided they found a winner. 
      The burning questions for British expats about Brexit
      Photo: Wikimedia
      For expats who have chosen to take full advantage of the European Union freedom of movement and make their home in Austria, the questions about the effects of a Brexit just keep mounting.  2 comments
      Op ed
      Expert warns Islam in Austria is anti-Western
      Ibrahim Olgun, a 28-year-old Austrian-born Islamic theologian. Photo: IGGIÖ
      Soeren Kern is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute. He writes on his perspective of the increasing influence of Turkish Islam in Austria. Republished with kind permission from the Gatestone Institute, in whose journal this article originally appeared. 
      Why we are part of the Brexit problem - and what to do
      Photo: AFP
      It’s been a long night, and for those of us Brits who have made our lives elsewhere in Europe, it will be a long road ahead writes The Local's managing editor James Savage.  5 comments
      What to do in 72 hours in Vienna
      Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons
      Scottish travel blogger Megan Conway on how to experience the best of the Austrian capital.  8 comments
      More news
      Couple get hitched on plane in surprise wedding ceremony
      Austrian Airlines/Twitter
      Love was in the air for this happy couple after a boyfriend proposed to his girlfriend mid-flight and then arranged for them to get hitched right there and then. 
      Austria wants EU to end Turkey membership talks
      Facebook/Christian Kern
      Austria's Chancellor Christian Kern calls on the European Union to end membership talks with Turkey. 
      OSCE monitors held at gunpoint in Ukraine
      A member of the OSCE monitoring mission. Photo: OSCE
      The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said Wednesday that one of its monitors was threatened at gunpoint in eastern Ukraine in an incident involving several armed and apparently drunk men of uncertain affiliation. 
      Turkish nationalists storm wrong party in Vienna
      The Ernst-Kirchweger-Haus in September 2005. Photo: Wikimedia/KF
      Turkish nationalists turned a birthday celebration into a surprise party when they stormed an event in Vienna after mistaking it for a Kurdish workers’ meeting. 
      Vienna iron bar murderer declared mentally ill
      Photo: Wien Caritas
      A man who randomly attacked and killed a 54-year-old woman with an iron bar early one morning in May in Vienna this year has been declared mentally disturbed. 
      From our other editions
      Socialist Party to help expats become Swiss
      File photo: Martin Abegglen
      Party launches new campaign to encourage B permit holders to become Swiss citizens. 
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      10 pieces of German slang you'll never learn in class
      Want to know how to chat like a native? Then look no further than this helpful list. 
      Robbed in Rio: Danish Olympic team hit by thieves
      The Danish rooms in Rio's Olympic Village are "simply not in order". Photo: Morten Rodtwitt
      The robbers even had the cheek to deprive Morten Rodtwitt, Denmark's Olympic boss, of his iPad.  
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      How to get angry in Spanish: The Local guide
      Furious about something? Photo: John Mutford
      Furious about something in Spain? Don't know how to let it all hang out? 
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