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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Here's What Happened When Thor Moved Into An Australian Sharehouse 

San Diego Comic-Con gave a small group of about 7,000 people a peek at what Thor was doing while everyone else was in-fighting in Captain America: Civil War. Well, now you can find out for yourself.

Sennheiser PXC 550 Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Australian Review 

If you travel or if you commute, you need noise cancelling headphones. They’ll change your life. They block out so much ambient noise, letting you listen to your music or podcasts or audiobooks at a much reduced volume and preserving your precious hearing. But that noise cancelling isn’t worth much if those headphones don’t sound good, right? Sennheiser — a company with some serious audio chops — has what it says is the solution with the professional traveller’s new best friend, the PXC 550.

Future Movers: VW's Electric Car To Charge 500KM In 15 Minutes 

Tired of walking? Future Movers is our roundup of last week’s biggest news in powered transport. Whether it’s a car, a bike, a plane or something in between, you’ll find the Aussie angle on it right here.

Win! A Massive Captain America: Civil War Poster And Dendy Direct Gift Cards 

To celebrate the August 31 launch of Captain America: Civil War, on digital, we’ve teamed up with Dendy Direct to give away a theatrical poster from the movie and a bunch of $10 digital gift cards, so you can watch Marvel’s latest Captain America flick yourself. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment!

The Top 10 Ways To Boost Your Home Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi is one of the most useful and important parts of using a computer and yet it’s also one of the most frustrating. If you’re plagued by slow speeds, bad reception, and other Wi-Fi issues, here are 10 ways you can power up the Wi-Fi in your home. 

4 High-Tech Father's Day Gifts For The Outdoorsy Dad 

If your Dad is the outdoorsy type, or if he likes camping or hiking, but he’s also a bit of a techy, then you’d be in a bind trying to find him an appropriate gadget that’s not a USB battery pack. But we can help you out. Here are four high-tech toys that your outdoorsy Dad will love this Father’s Day.

Microsoft Maps Put Melbourne In The Sea (But It's All Wikipedia's Fault) 

If you searched on Bing maps last week for Melbourne, you would have instead been re-directed to a spot in the North Pacific Ocean, off the East coast of Japan.
How did this happen? Bing was using inaccurate information from Wikipedia, namely, Wikipedia didn’t include the all-important Southon the co-ordinates.

NASA Just Flew A Spacecraft Closer To Jupiter Than Ever Before 

We’ve never seen Jupiter quite like this. NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew closer to the giant planet than any spacecraft ever, revealing stunning images and gathering detailed information about the planet for NASA scientists.

iPad Games Are Better Than Sedatives For Kids In Surgery 

Allowing children to use iPads to distract them before surgery requiring general anaesthesia is as effective at lowering their anxiety as conventional sedatives, new research has shown.
Not only that, but the parent’s anxiety is lowered too — and the anaesthesia works better.

Year-Long Simulation Of Humans Living On Mars Comes To An End 

One year ago, six volunteers — an astrobiologist, a physicist, a pilot, an architect, a journalist, and a soil scientist — entered a 36-by-20 foot dome, located near a barren volcano in Hawaii, to simulate what living conditions would be like on Mars. Today they re-emerged from their year-long isolation.

3D Print Your Own Transformers Matrix Of Leadership So Optimus Prime Doesn't Have To Die 

30 years ago, every kid who was lucky enough to see Transformers: The Movie in theatres must have had something stuck in their eye when Optimus Prime died. But if the Autobots had had access to a 3D printer, maybe Optimus wouldn’t have had to die before passing the Matrix of Leadership on to Hot Rod — they could have just 3D-printed a perfect duplicate like Bob Clagett did.

No, Game Of Thrones' Sexual Violence Isn't 'Nonsense' 

An executive from the UK distributor of Game of Thrones came out this week and said concerns about sexual violence against women on the show are “nonsense.” Excuse me while I roll my eyes to Moon Bay.

FBI Raids SAT Critic Over Leaked Test Questions 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation executed a search warrant on the home of Manuel Alfaro, former executive director of assessment design and development at the College Board, which develops the SAT, an aptitude test for US-based, uni-bound high schoolers, according to a report by Reuters.

Take A Trippy Ride Down Minecraft's Acid Interstate 

Climb aboard kids — it’s time to tune in, drop out, and have your mind expanded.

Screwing Up This Incredible Skate Trick Would Be So Very Painful 

Dylan Jones came up with a hugely inventive skate trick where he’s able to get his board to 360 degrees horizontally around a rail. Enthusiasts online are likening the new trick to the bizarre stunts pulled off by skateboarding greats like Rodney Mullen and Gou Miyagi.