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Thursday, August 18, 2016


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EMT sentenced for embezzling $106K
New study: 20 percent of medics, firefighters have PTSD
Over $36K raised for paramedic injured in crash
Dallas medics leave dept. after massive budget cuts: Low pay and failing equipment have driven away almost half of all new paramedics
Air ambulance co. employees forced to work 7-day shifts to keep jobs: The company has been accused of putting its employees in unsafe conditions to avoid hiring additional personnel
AMR spars with Tenn. county over funds: AMR has given the county the end of the month to increase their $1.7 million contract
W.Va. EMS receives 25 overdose calls in three hours
Former patient sues EMT for hitting him with an iPad
Mass. clinic under investigation after elderly patient was left behind
Former ND EMT faces embezzlement charges
EMTs rescue squirrel stuck in a cup
AHA honors 8 Pa. EMS providers
EMS Communication is Gonna Change ... IT'S ABOUT TIME. 
EMS is a difficult job - so why are we still using technology that makes it even harder? On 10.5.16, that'll change.
Join the movement
Community paramedicine: How EMS can work smarter, not harder
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Progressive programs like community paramedicine and MIH are important steps towards fixing a flawed, inefficient healthcare system.
Making effective changes 
Do backboards benefit blunt or penetrating trauma patients?
By David Neubert, MD, EMS1 Contributor
Your patient has neurological deficits after a traumatic injury. Should you use a backboard?
What would you do? 
Motion F5m Rugged Windows Tablet Product Overview
From Xplore Technologies
Toughbook CF–19 MK6– 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 3yr warranty– Only $1,995!
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Training: Use a group messaging app to assign articles for discussion
By Bruce Chew, EMS1 Contributor
Engage students with an active learning process that connects their coursework with real-world events and the profession they are entering.
Improve study habits 
How to reduce harm from ambulance and helicopter crashes
By Center for Patient Safety, EMS1 Columnist
Every ground ambulance and helicopter crash has different causal factors, but we must look at system design and safety behaviors to prevent further crashes.
Minimize tragedy 
537A salty tale: What EMS personnel need to know about electrolyte disorders
507Va. couple calls 911 1,100 times for help getting out of bed
387Dallas medics leave dept. after massive budget cuts
244Woman left behind at closed Mass. dialysis clinic
230New study estimates 20 percent of firefighters, paramedics have PTSD
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