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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Atlas

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
Every August, car lovers flock to Monterey Car Week hoping to catch a glimpse of some beautiful, significant metal. Alongside the classics, though, manufacturers will often try and grab attention with crazy concepts. Check out some of the best in our gallery.   Read more
After nearly six months of beta testing, Android 7.0 Nougat is being pushed out from week. What goodies and new features does Google's latest mobile OS have in store? And how will it change your phone? We've been putting the software to the test since March and here's what we've found.   Read more
Sharkk’s hybrid electrostatic headphones just might hit that sweet spot for hi-fi sound and affordability. We recently put the Bravo's to the test to hear what its all about.   Read more
Sheddie Kevin Herbert has won this year's Shed of the Year competition with his charming Eco entry, the West Wing. Constructed from 90 percent recycled materials, it's an excellent example of the DIY spirit behind the shed scene and was a labor of love, taking eight years to build in total.   Read more
Some day in the distant future, homesick Mars colonists may take in a view that looks just like the desert rock formations on Earth. A stunning new 360-degree color image taken on Mars by NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, looks at first glance like it could have been taken in parts of the US southwest.   Read more
​When Roborace kicks off, it will be the world's first racing series for driverless cars. Details about the car's design have been released, but until now there's been no video of a driverless racer on the track. The first fleeting glimpses of a development mule labelled DevBot have been revealed. ​   Read more
​There’s nary a Star Wars fan alive who hasn’t at some point swung a makeshift lightsaber around. A new patent awarded to Disney suggests that future visitors to Disneyland may get a more hands-on experience, using a physical lightsaber to deflect lasers fired at them by animatronic bad guys.   Read more
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have taken yet another step forward through the development of injectable gels that can strengthen areas most weakened by heart attacks and minimize the chances of heart failure.​  Read more
The number of Bluetooth speakers on the market seems to jump everyday, with everyone from JBL to Bang & Olufsen getting ​involved. Determined to stick out in a crowded mob, the latest line of LG speakers has been kitted out with LED lighting to help you wirelessly groove to the music.​   Read more
​NASA announced today that a solar probe thought lost in space has been recovered and is now communicating with mission control. After 22 months, the agency re-established contact with the unmanned STEREO-B. The spacecraft is operational and recovery efforts are continuing.   Read more
​Australian scientists are no strangers to world records for solar power: in 2014, the CSIRO superheated steam, and in May, UNSW achieved 34.5 percent efficiency in directly converting sunlight to electricity. Now, ANU hit a new record of 97 percent efficiency in converting sunlight into steam.   Read more
​If Yale researcher Jun Korenaga is correct, then habitable planets may be rarer than previously thought. The ability of Earthlike planets to self-regulate their temperatures may not be as simple as once believed and that a new "Goldilocks" zone may need to be considered.   Read more
Some drones are built for speed, while others are crafted for high-grade aerial cinematography. Wingsland seems to have developed the S6 with a clear emphasis on simply having a grand old time.   Read more
Researchers may have opened the door to tiny, millimeter-scale soft robots, by developing a robotic caterpillar that can climb slopes and move loads and is powered and controlled purely by external light.   Read more
Android 7.0 Nougat drops today, and it's right on-target with the sneak preview that Android first released to developers last March. The new OS has updated productivity and personalization features that are being rolled out to Nexus devices beginning today and continuing over the next seven weeks.   Read more
​If you want to thrive in the ocean depths then it certainly doesn't hurt to have some tricks up your sleeve. Scientists have discovered two species of fish that can expand an internal organ to shine a light from their bellies, a tool they believe might be used to communicate with their relatives.   Read more
The Wide Path Camper is a folding caravan that's towable by bicycle and sleeps two adults and a child. It's due to roll out of the factory next month and will set you back from €3,500 (roughly US$3,900).   Read more
Hot on the heels of the Xbox One S launch, Microsoft has unveiled another product. It's designed for serious gamers, but you can't even plug it into the television. Instead, it's one of the most confounding pieces of branded kit you'll see all year. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Xbox Onesie.   Read more
Use this premium app to store and auto-fill usernames and passwords for all your online accounts. Just remember one master password, and let Password Boss do the rest. This means you'll aways be using strong passwords composed of randomized character strings, for maximum security and peace-of-mind.  Read more