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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Atlas ( gizmag)

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
The latest graphene breakthrough comes in the form of a method for using the supermaterial to create two-dimensional materials that could be used in the next generation of lasers, electronics and sensors.   Read more
There are currently a record seven active unmanned missions operating on or around Mars, but the parade has only just begun. The next couple of decades will be very busy indeed as a new series of international missions head out to the Red Planet.   Read more
Nissan has created what it claims to be the world's biggest 3D-printing pen sculpture. The Qashqai Black Edition model was created to celebrate the car's launch and contains 13.8 km (8.6 mi) of plastic strands.   Read more
The Paris Motor Show opens its doors in about a month and in the lead up we can expect to see previews of some tantalizing concept cars and new models. One of the first to surface is Citroën's forward-looking CXperience Concept.  Read more
​Trains aren't the best when it comes to using mobile phones, with some cars offering reception similar to that of an elevator shaft.​ To help remedy this, EPFL has come up with train windows made of a laser-treated glass that insulates without interfering with mobile phone reception   Read more
Even the healthiest over-65s are at risk of taking a fall, but monitoring their movements can impact heavily on their independence. Researchers have developed a system to monitor elderly people in their homes, watching out for signs that a fall might be imminent and alerting caregivers.   Read more
Although it was eye-catching, you could argue that Sony's FES watch never really made the most of its unique potential. The FES Watch U is designed to change that, with a wider range of eye-catching designs for its novel e-ink band and screen.   Read more
​Gamers trying to decide between the better color of quantum dots or the immersion of a curved screen for their next computer monitor can now have the best of both worlds. Samsung has announced two new gaming monitors, the CFG70 and the CF791, which combine quantum dots with a curved display.  Read more
Therapy is a field that could eventually have a fruitful marriage with VR. One developer recently launched an educational/simulation experience for the Oculus Rift that's basically therapy for arachnophobes. We took the forward-thinking Fearless for a spin.   Read more
​With the plethora of unusual tricycle designs we've seen lately, it's easy to forget that some of the weirdest trikes came out over a century ago. The Coventry Rotary tricycle was one such beast, and you may soon be able to buy an original example on auction.​  Read more
If you grew up knowing that there were nine planets orbiting our sun and were a bit crushed when Pluto lost its status, there might be new hope for a nine-pack, as researchers are again putting forth the idea that a planet might be lurking somewhere out there on the fringes of our Solar System.   Read more
Using rarely detected seismic waves from a "weather bomb," a unique type of extratropical storm, scientists might be able to uncover the hidden structure of the Earth.   Read more
A Canadian-based team has launched a product aimed at individuals who want to grow plants and herbs year-round without all the guesswork. The Grobo indoor gardening system features smart tech designed to simulate ideal growing conditions while providing real-time information to users.   Read more
Fitbit just launched new generations of its popular Charge and Flex wristbands without increasing their price points. The Flex 2 is smaller and swimproof; the Charge 2 received a facelift, more heart rate tracking capabilities and improved recording of activities beyond walking and running.   Read more
A long-time staple of outdoor security lighting has now popped into the home to make smart lighting a little smarter, with Philips today introducing a motion sensing switch for its range of connected Hue bulbs.   Read more
Brock Commons is not your average student residence. Rising to a height of 53 m (174 ft) above the campus of the University of British Columbia in Canada,​ it's the world's tallest wooden residential tower – and it recently topped out several months ahead of schedule.   Read more
A new trim-and-drill tool, developed and 3D printed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been certified by Guinness World Records as the largest solid 3D printed item.   Read more
Amidst swirling iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 rumors, Apple announced its next big event with a minimal invitation, remarking only "See you on the 7th."  Read more
More and more people are cutting the cable cord and looking to alternative TV and movie viewing methods. Netflix and Hulu are cool, but only one service offers all the perks of both cable and web-based streaming--while simultaneously dwarfing any other library. That's SelectTV, where you can access over 300,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, 50,000 radio stations, and 5,000 live channels all from the same, simple browser interface. There are many reasons to cut the cord, but none are as convincing as SelectTV.  Read more