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Saturday, August 20, 2016


August 19, 2016|View as webpage
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Some patients forgo EpiPens because they're too expensive
Haunting video of Syrian boy in ambulance goes viral
Life Flight celebrates 40 years of operation
Paramedic seeks donations for La. EMS caught in floods: The medic said fellow responders are working the storm even through their own homes have been destroyed
Hospital patient steals ambulance to drive home: The woman said she took the vehicle because she "missed the last bus"
Officials: Ambulance company prioritizing Pa. city over other areas:Employees accused the township's main service provider of "deliberately" letting calls go to secondary providers
NY service debuts neo-natal ambulance
Paramedics receive PETA award after saving squirrel
Woman collapses next to fire station, waits 30 minutes for ambulance
Pregnant woman hurt in car crash dies; baby born at hospital
Pa. fentanyl overdoses surge; price of antidote triples
Maine city finalizes settlement with fired paramedic
Online Video-based Pediatric Training from EMS1 Academy
A feature-rich LMS, case-based video training and so much more. Train before it matters. 
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Datalux Introduces Next Generation Keyboard for Vehicular Computing
Mobile keyboard clips and unclips from a vehicle mount with one hand. Uniquely designed to work with the Datalux TRU-Mount, TM110 rugged tablet or Tracer fixed mount. Spill-proof and backlit.
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10 EMS screw-ups that can get you in trouble
By Mike Rubin, EMS1 Columnist
Here is the "never-do" list if you want to have a long and prosperous career in EMS.
What not to do 
Clinical scenario: Middle-aged man complaining of respiratory distress
By Patrick Lickiss, EMS1 Columnist
You are dispatched to a bank for a man who is weak and lethargic. What do you do?
Ask the right questions 
EMS on- and -off duty, budget cuts and new drug epidemics
In this week's episode, our co-hosts discuss this week's hot topics, ranging from an EMT attacking a patient to paramedics saving a squirrel.
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Escaping Violent Encounters: 6 types of patients that may get violent
Remember 2 Things: How to auscultate an accurate blood pressure
574What should EMS providers consider before carrying a concealed weapon on duty?
462Life Flight, and the surgeon known as 'the grandfather of trauma'
414Scientists create opioid-like painkiller without addictive side effects
306Is your ambulance partner safe at home?
184Reality Training: Do backboards benefit blunt or penetrating trauma patients?
5 must-ask questions before buying EMS operations management software
Agencies need to look into operations management software to modernize and create efficiencies. But you have to ask the right questions to get the best system.
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